Trump refuses to cooperate with the commission investigating the assault on Capitol Hill

The former US president accuses the parliamentary committee of “total failure”, which on Thursday ordered his appearance

“He must be held accountable,” concluded the chairman of the committee investigating the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Trump “is the only person at the center of the story of what happened,” added Democrat Bennie Thompson and, for Therefore, “he is obliged to answer for his actions.”

After two and a half hours of session, the committee of the United States House of Representatives voted unanimously this Thursday to summon former President Donald Trump to testify formally, after presenting a general summary of his case that shows the efforts of the Republican and some of his closest allies for nullifying the result of the 2020 elections. Efforts meticulously calculated and put in place for months, even before the presidential elections of that same year.

With less than a month to go before the mid-term elections, the seat of legislative power once again became the center of media, political and social attention in the country this week, in which it aims to be the ninth and last public hearing scheduled by the congressional investigative committee, which also showed new footage of what happened during the historic attack on American democracy.

“None of this is normal, acceptable or legal in our republic,” denounced the vice president of the committee, Liz Cheney, one of the two representatives of the Republican Party who is part of the group that investigates the tragic events that left a balance of five fatalities. and hundreds of wounded.

The panel reassembled evidence and testimony with new revelations about Trump’s central role in numerous plots to maintain power at the helm of the White House. An unpublished video from inside Congress showed the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, along with other surprised and upset Democratic leaders, asking the Attorney General to reinforce National Guard soldiers to protect the rest of the legislators of both political formations that were inside the Capitol.

The images offered on Thursday show the disbelief, shock and fear that many senators and congressmen suffered in the first person, being forced to urgently communicate with governors, senior National Security officials and the Administration to stop the violent attack.

The committee also exposed, with hair and signs, details of the attempts of an enraged and embarrassed Trump for having lost the elections in which he aspired to re-election as president of the United States, as well as his discomfort at not being willing to accept the results. , trying to join even the crowd that he himself had called in Washington on that fateful January 6, 2021.

The panel also disclosed how former President Donald Trump was aware that some of his supporters, from other states in the country, were armed and had threatened with violence the progress of the traditional vote certification process for the new president, Joe Biden in the US Congress.

The investigation presented by the Lower House committee also points to some of Trump’s advisers as allegedly responsible for premeditatedly planning the revocation of the elections that the Republican presidential candidate lost in November 2020.

Trump, for his part, has not shown any sign of cooperating with the investigation committee and calls the work of the legislative group a “total failure”, which on the other hand tries to prevent something similar from happening again in the future. The truth is that the prospect of the former Republican president testifying, in accordance with the wishes of the committee, seems unlikely for now.

Trump’s team of legal advisers will try to prevent it at all costs, although his personal intentions could be different. The New York tycoon has publicly attacked the committee on numerous occasions, but he could have privately expressed his interest in testifying before the panel, according to sources familiar with the case, as long as he can do so live and direct.

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