The best projectors to enjoy cinema at home and anywhere

 They take up little space, are lightweight, can be transported and offer an audiovisual experience similar to that of the big screen in the cinema. These are some of the characteristics of projectors, devices whose function is to make life easier, more practical and entertaining. So; They are not only useful and practical for showing graphs and presentations at universities, schools or in the office, they are also the ideal product for artistic video art projects or for making the word entertainment meaningful, since with only one projector you can set up a theater at home or in the place of your choice.

There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a suitable projector, there are more compact, larger, with better image resolution or more specialized in providing vibrant sound. In the same way, there is no doubt that acquiring a projector is acquiring a treasure that offers multiple options for use.

TOPTRO projector

TR21 mini video projector with advanced processing technology and wireless, compatible with iOS and Android systems, plus Bluetooth. Thus, it allows you to share videos from different technological devices. It has a brightness of 6000 lumens and supports Full HD 1080P videos, for a quality visual experience. Likewise, it incorporates different interfaces to connect USB, HDMI or AV cables, the latter two are included in the product package.

The projector’s glass lens can effectively reduce scattering and makes the image fully focused, reproducing sharp and detailed images. It is characterized by a compact and lightweight design, perfect for taking anywhere. It stands out for its easy cleaning, since it has a removable dust filter on one side, which can be easily removed, emptied and placed.

Adjustable screen size

It allows to adjust the size of the screen in the range of 100 degrees to sixty degrees, through the zoom function to adapt to different scenarios and viewing possibilities.

Artlii Energon2 Full HD Projector

Bet on an excellent home theater system and quality sound thanks to the Artlii projector. This 4K device offers high-powered sound, perfect for parties and watching movies. In addition, its screen is Full HD and has adjustable zoom and angular correction.

This product is equipped with a transport and storage case for greater safety. It can be connected to IOS, Android, Windows 10, Macbook and Tablets via Wi-Fi function, with 5G speed. It can also be linked to speakers and headphones via Bluetooth.

Super color technology

Its brightness is higher than other projectors with the same resolution and it offers a great visual experience thanks to its five lenses, perfect for use in low-light environments. It adopts super color technology, reproducing unique colors and realistic images.

Vamvo mini portable mobile projector

This mini portable projector is capable of projecting images, movies, television programs, videos and games, allowing images to be reproduced in Full HD and at 1800p, a quality resolution, with a projection distance suitable for a range of 0.6 to 4 meters.

Vamvo YG300 pro mini portable projector is powered by USB through various devices such as USB charger, mobile power and laptop. It has multiple connection ports: HDMI, USB, AV and to insert micro SD cards. In addition, it offers an automatic shutdown when not in use, saves battery life and ensures greater durability.

Easy to transport

Perfect for the most adventurous people, since thanks to its small size and light weight, only 360 grams, it can be transported anywhere and enjoy a good movie even in the mountains or camping.

TOPVISION mini projector

A perfect option to enjoy large-size images and videos anywhere, since in addition to offering an image range from 30 to 240 inches with a maximum distance of six meters, this projector has a mini and compact size that is very easy to transport , with dimensions of only 22 x 14 x 10 centimeters.

It stands out for its excellent sound quality, thanks to the two high-power speakers that it has integrated. In addition, it can be connected to an external speaker. It also offers the possibility of remote control and can be installed both on a table, adjusting its height with its adjustable foot, and on the ceiling.

Low energy consumption

This projector has a cooling and ventilation system. Thus, it saves energy while still offering great power and is silent, avoiding annoying noises while enjoying a movie.

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