How to do polls on whatsapp

It is the most used instant messaging application in Italy and in the world and does not intend to leave its primacy to other platforms. WhatsApp is constantly updated to offer new features to all loyal users and to those who are looking for tools to communicate with third parties that are effective, intuitive and simple to use. And now the polls have arrived .

Absent until recently, the ability to take surveys on the platform was recently added and has been met with great enthusiasm. A function that was already present in other competitor applications, such as Telegram, and that could not be missing on WhatsApp.

Creating surveys on the platform is extremely simple . A few simple steps are enough to create questions and offer the possibility to the recipient, who can be one or more than one, to select an option from those entered.

1. Polls on WhatsApp: all the features

Polls on WhatsApp have been added with a long-awaited update by users. They have been carefully inserted, so that they can be created and forwarded to the recipient in seconds, with a high level of personalisation.

They can be created and sent from the official WhatsApp application for smartphones, compatible with devices supported by the Android iOS operating system, from Whatsapp Web and from WhatsApp Desktop via a personal computer.

In the survey you can enter only one question, which is clear and short, with emojis if necessary and desired. You can add from two options up to a maximum of twelve . Users, after having expressed one or more preferences, can change their answer at any time.

The poll can be carried out both in single conversations, between two users, and within groups. Each time an attendee selects an answer, the count updates . With the ‘show votes’ function, present at the bottom of the poll, you can know which answers have been selected and by whom.

The poll can be deleted at any time by selecting it, clicking on the trash can icon and choosing the item Delete for me, if you want it to still remain visible for the recipients, or Delete for everyone.

2. How to take surveys on WhatsApp Web

To take surveys on WhatsApp Web, you must first connect your account to the desktop version of the platform, by going to the official WhatsApp Web website and, at the same time, opening the app on your smartphone.

From the application on the phone, click on the Menu item (the three vertical dots), then click on Settings and click on Connect a device . Scan the QR Code on the screen of the personal computer or device you are using.

To create a poll, select the person or group you want to communicate with from the list. Click on the paper clip icon, located next to the area where you enter the text of the message to send. In the menu that opens, click on Survey .

In the first row , enter the question you want to ask your audience. In addition to emoji, special characters can also be added, but it is advisable not to use them unless strictly necessary to be as clear as possible.

In the options area, add as many as you like. There must be a minimum of two and a maximum of twelve. By clicking on the three horizontal lines next to each answer and holding down, you can move the entire line up or down, changing the arrangement of the proposed solutions.

Once you have completed the survey in all its parts, click submit . It will be immediately viewable in the single chat or in the group and users will be able to start interacting and responding.

3. How to make polls on WhatsApp for Windows

To take surveys on WhatsApp on a device supported by the Windows 8.1 operating system or later, you need to download the application from the platform’s official website, install it and connect your account. 

To do this, from a smartphone, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen, tap on Connect a device and scan the QR code that appears on the personal computer by opening the WhatsApp app.

You can now start creating a poll by selecting a user or group from the contact list. On the chat page, click on the paper clip icon and select the Poll item . Enter a question and up to twelve options. Decide the sequence by moving the answers holding down on the three horizontal bars positioned in correspondence with each of them.

Once the survey has been completed, click submit . It will be immediately available to chat participants who will be able to respond by expressing one or more preferences.

4. How to make polls on WhatsApp from smartphones

To take a survey from your smartphone, open the WhatsApp application and select a user or group to chat with in the list of active chats. Click on the paper clip icon in the Message area and select the Poll item .

Enter a question, add up to twelve options and set the order in which they are presented. Once all the possible solutions have been created and ordered, press enter . The survey will appear in the chat and the recipients will be able to express their preference or more than one. 

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