iPhone Touch Screen Unresponsive After iOS16 Update, How to Fix?

Following the release of iOS 16 update by Apple, several iPhone users are now trying to experiment with it. The installation of this update, however, causes some bugs and malfunctions for many people. One of the problems often encountered is that the touch screen becomes unresponsive (it stays frozen and no longer works). Fortunately, there are a few tricks that allow you to quickly regain the use of your smartphone. You are told the four effective methods to use when iPhone touch screen stopped working after iOS 16 update.

Method 1. Restart your iPhone

In computing in general, as well as with your smartphone, the first solution to try when the iPhone touchscreen is unresponsive is to  restart the device . In many cases, this may be enough to restore proper functioning.

When you are unable to start your smartphone in the conventional way, you will have to force the restart using the appropriate key combination. On an iPhone, the latter differs depending on the version of the device, whether it has a physical home button or not.

To  force restart a compatible iPhone  with iOS 16 installed, start by pressing the volume up button, then release with a quick gesture. You then do the same with the volume down button. Hold down the side button and release it as soon as the Apple logo appears.

Method 2. Adjust 3D Touch settings

When iPhone touch no longer works as you want it to, but responds nonetheless, try  changing the 3D Touch or Haptic Touch settings .

To do this, open the settings parameters to choose the “Accessibility” option. Now go to the “Touch” category, then touch 3D and Haptic Touch. For some devices, only a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch option will be available. In the first case, you enable the 3D Touch feature and adjust the sensitivity level using the slider. For Haptic Touch, you need to choose a touch duration and test the setting afterwards by touching the image.

Method 3. Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working with Tenorshare ReiBoot

If nothing changes despite everything, the next alternative is to use  the Reiboot software from the Tenorshare suite . Many features are offered for fixing various problems with an iPhone. You will simply have to install it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. During the process, your device may enter recovery mode and perform various operations.

Problems observed under iOS

It is possible to download Tenorshare Reiboot for free, which is actually a tool that  fixes many malfunctions of iOS devices . Indeed, even if Apple products are very efficient, you can sometimes be confronted with different bugs. These are rather difficult to fix if you try to find a solution on your own.

One of the most common issues is malfunctions that occur after updating the iOS system. It is especially the old models that are affected by these bugs as with the installation of iOS 16. Old devices do not always support new versions of the system, they can spit completely. In such situation, ReiBoot iPhone fixes the error on the device which can be downgraded to iOS 15 for more safety.

Another example of a bug is the iPhone getting stuck on a black screen. The quickest solution here is to  format the device  so that it is programmed to its default settings. It is an operation that makes you lose your data forever, if you have not synchronized them on iCloud.

Resolutions by Tenorshare ReiBoot

ReiBoot software allows you to avoid such inconvenience. You can use it to restore your iPhone without having to delete your data. The tool is also effective for correcting the blue screens of your iPhone or those displaying, in a loop and incessantly, the Apple logo.

Other errors may occur the moment you connect to the iTunes service. It is then often complicated to determine exactly the origin of these problems on your device. Thanks to ReiBoot, you will bypass these errors and be able to restore its proper functioning. It is a tool that has the advantage of being simple to use. Its interface is fluid and accessible to everyone , even those who are less computer-savvy.

Method 4. Home screen is frozen and cannot be unlocked (Tenorshare 4uKey)

When the iPhone touch does not work anymore and your screen cannot be unlocked, you can use 4uKey, another software from the Tenorshare suite. This is chargeable, available at around fifty euros for a lifetime license. It is also possible to have it on trial for free or to pay just for the month or the year.

The first step to  unlock your iPhone screen  is to download Tenorshare 4uKey for free and complete its installation on your computer. The software is also compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. Then use a USB cable to connect the iOS device and the computer. The tool will automatically recognize your iPhone. For simple issues like iPhone touch not working after iOS 16 update, just let the interface guide you. The phone will be controlled by the system which will launch several operations. You won’t have much to do except wait.

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