How to be a strong and independent woman: 9 tips to follow

Who said that woman cannot be strong and independent on her own? We all come into the world through a woman and with each birth the woman risks her life. If women had not been strong, humanity would have already died out. So we can say it out loud, women are strong by nature, and what’s more… they are beautiful too :)! As for being independent, the dictionary says that an ‘independent woman’ is a woman who can support herself financially and is proud to be able to do so. And when she is, she doesn’t allow any man to affect her stability and her confidence in herself. 

If you are interested in knowing how to be a strong and independent woman, here are some tips so that you can be so to never depend on any man.

Don’t forget to read the warnings at the end of the article.

How to be a strong and independent woman: 9 tips to follow

1. Your image is the most important

Make your handshake strong. Don’t try to break the other person’s hand, but try to squeeze firmly in greeting. Make your heels rumble on the floor as you walk among people. Show everyone that an independent woman is passing by.

2. Get ready 

Get ready, study for a successful professional career, work is the flywheel to finance your independence. You can study subjects related to human resources, accounting, or whatever you like, but make sure it’s a professional career and that it’s related to something you’re passionate about.

3. Don’t focus on home alone

The place of the common woman is the home. In fact, she is the one who takes care of the house, the children and the needs of her husband. But she remembers you are not just any woman, you are a superior woman, a strong and independent woman. Your seat is in an office, where you can have your throne and exercise your authority in front of your subordinates and colleagues.

4. Dress for success!

Your wardrobe must be flawless. Dress well, especially when you go to work. “How they look at you, they treat you”, which means that they must see you for who you are: a strong and independent woman.

5. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you and you will be a strong and independent woman

Anyone could manipulate and / or use you. Your boss, your co-workers, your parents, your boyfriend / husband, and the common people you deal with on a daily basis may try to take advantage of you at some point. You make sure that no one can take advantage of you, put “stakes” when needed and if necessary raise your voice.

6. Learn to defend yourself, even physically 

Learn self defense, take a karate class, something that teaches you to avoid getting hurt. If someone verbally threatens you, report it to the proper authorities. At school it could be a classmate, your teacher or the principal. At work it could be your supervisor. Go to HR or your supervisor’s boss and report it. In extreme cases, report it to the police.

7. Be very punctual to be a strong and independent woman.

This will help you a lot. If you really want to be a strong and independent woman, you need to take everything seriously. People will know that you are trustworthy. So always show up on time for appointments and meetings.

8 Be organized

This means writing down everything that is important and keeping an agenda with important dates and appointments. Learn to manage your time. Your life will be much less stressful and you will notice that people will entrust you with important jobs. Learn how to use an agenda on your mobile or smartphone. 

9. Be very selective with your friends 

“Popularity” is a game of deceit and betrayal. Learn to be selective and try to have good connections. Try to treat all your colleagues with kindness when you meet them. Greet them politely, but remember that you are a busy woman with a schedule to follow.

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