Apple AirTag, cheaper than ever

The new Apple locator device sees its price reduced on Amazon and Fnac by 18%, to $28

What’s life like without an Apple AirTag to bail you out? In a word, desperate. You lose something, some keys, wallet or whatever. You look for it, you can’t find it, you go on, you despair, you look at the clock, you’re not only looking for what you’ve lost but also an excuse because you’re late wherever it is. Nervousness and anger grow, the children or the dog begin to emerge in your head as likely culprits because you know that you haven’t been, you keep rummaging around and when you’re about to give your dog the anger of his life you discover that you are the goofball who had left it in that place where you were SURE it couldn’t be. The relief makes your face almost disappear from g.

A perfectly avoidable everyday situation with a better head or, if that’s not possible, a tracking device like the Apple AirTag that you can now find at a discount of 18%, down to $28.69 , in stores like Amazon or Fnac. In the first case, with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

Apple debuted in the locator device sector (we don’t count functions of this type in devices like the iPhone) last spring with this AirTag which, like everything the American company does, is a gadget as cute as it is with attention to detail.

AirTag, an Apple device at a great price

Unusually affordably priced for Apple, the AirTag is the kind of device you don’t really appreciate until you have to use it . And then it’s like it saved not your life but your day, which is excellent price-performance ratio for that $28.69 and also for its original price of $35.

Apple AirTag works over Bluetooth and also over NFC for Lost Mode. It is small, very small, with dimensions of 3.19 cm both in width and height, a thickness of 0.8 cm and only 11 grams in weight . It has an IP67 certification that makes it resistant to splashes, dust and water (for 30 minutes and up to 1 meter deep) and has inside the U1 chip for ultra-wideband connection and Precision Search, as well as an accelerometer, built-in speaker and a replaceable coin cell battery that keeps it going for over a year.

The device is used in conjunction with the Find My app installed on your iPhone , iPad, or Mac . The funny thing is that if you’re trying to locate it, you don’t just rely on your iPhone detecting your AirTag, but any iPhone or compatible Apple device it comes across does.

If, for example, you lose your keys with your AirTag keychain in a park, and someone with another iPhone walks by, the stranger’s device will detect it and send the location to iCloud where you can see it on a map from the Find & Find app. feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Apple ensures that privacy is guaranteed since the data is anonymous and encrypted.

The luxury and not-so-luxury AirTag accessories

The truth is that such an affordable product from Apple is surprising, but the trick is in the accessories. You don’t need a key fob to use the locator device, but it’s convenient so you don’t lose the locator device.

Replicating the business model of the Apple Watch, the exclusive Apple keychains range from $13.95 for the version for the poor (Belkin strap or keychain) to $449 for the version for people who no longer know what to do with their money (Hermes Gold keychain made with traditional Bahrain leather).

Apple's cheap locator device on its expensive Hermés Gold keychain

Apple’s inexpensive locator device on its expensive Hermés Gold keychain 

Despite the reduced price of the AirTag, there is an incentive to buy it directly from Apple at its original cost of $35. The company gives the option to personalize the device with the client’s initials , an emoji or both at no additional cost. They are throwing it away in Cupertino.

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