The best scented candles

A long prologue on scented candles is useless . They are and will always be the weak point of home addicts . There is no visit to Ikea that does not end with the purchase of an innocent scented candle, admit it. Nowadays there are all kinds: design, soy, natural, furnishing and so on. They are an element to furnish the home much more than other useless accessories.

The main point of research usually hinges on which scented candles work – that is, they really release scent into our environments and which ones are the best scented candles. Here you will find a selection of the favorites from My Happy Place , excluding the classic scented candles from Ikea and Zara because I know that everyone has bought one at least once.

1.Scented Candles Yankee Candle from Douglas

best scented candles

A great classic and timeless. The Yankee Candle. I don’t know if you know this fragrance, it’s called Lake Sunset and it’s my favorite (along with the aloe one). Every Christmas I get a large one and it lasts on average about 6 months, needless to say these candles are worth their full price. You can find them everywhere online, in shops and even in perfumery. You can find them at the Douglas perfumeries link at often discounted prices, how can you get away with them?!?

2.Scented Soy Candles: La Jolie Muse

best scented candles online

A great discovery. The wax is totally soy and therefore super eco-friendly, it is part of the totally vegetable scented candles. The box it comes with is really cute, it’s perfect for a gift. The jasmine scent is really good: fresh and clean.

3.Scented Candles That Work: Lalique

which scented candles to choose

You will say, but they don’t make cosmetics? And I answer you, “and also of great quality”! Reason why candles are no different, each of their candles is inspired by a journey . This one that I propose is Indonesia theme, with oriental and very deep scents. These are part of the candles that work for me, the scent is immediately perceived in the rooms. The bigger the room, the more it takes the perfume to expand, but in the end the result is really great.

4. Candles by the architect: Locherber

scented candles work

Since our dear architect Andrea Castrignano showed them to us in all forms, they have become a well-established name and I could not fail to try them. This one with figs and roses has really convinced me. Here, too, boxes and design are of another level, usually with a glass container and shape with sober and clean lines.

5. Scented design candles: Kartell

But aren’t they those of the famous chairs? Yes, and for a while they have also been used for candles. An entire line of designer candles , so much of design that they are a real piece of furniture, perhaps a little too expensive, but to try at least once.

6. A classic, Millefiori candles

which scented candles to choose

Simple lines and monotonous packages for the Millefiori classics. There are so many fragrances in these scented candles that it is impossible not to find your favorite. I like fresh ones and cold water is definitely one of them.

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