18 content ideas for your YouTube channel

In this article we will present the best content ideas for your YouTube channel. As you probably already know, growing your YouTube channel requires a lot of commitment along with a lot of interesting and engaging content, so coming up with new YouTube content ideas can be a challenging task.

You are probably wondering: “What kind of YouTube videos should I make to get more views and subscribers? This is a somewhat difficult question to address, since there is a wide variety of themes that you can choose from. to create content for your YouTube channel, and some will work better than others depending on the type of audience you are targeting.

In this article, we’ve collected 15 YouTube content ideas for your YouTube channel to help you start or grow your YouTube presence.

Get to know the best YouTube content ideas

Sometimes it can be a difficult task to come up with good content ideas for our YouTube channel, especially if we have been working with a predetermined type of content for a long time.

However, studying many YouTube channels we have come to the conclusion that an excellent niche is the educational format, teaching others about topics that you know and are passionate about, generates a lot of interest among viewers, and even better if you can help them discover something new!

Here are some video ideas that can help with that!

Videos with explanatory format

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube channel is to present yourself as an expert on a subject. That’s why the explanatory format is perfect if you’re starting a channel for the first time, as this type of content can be adapted to cover any topic you can think of.

In principle you can create some explainer videos on different topics related to your profession or area of ​​expertise, adding visual appeal and easy explanation for your viewers. Then you can start with creating more specific topics that would interest the type of viewer you are looking for.

For example, if you are a company that is an expert in the preparation of healthy meals, why don’t you make some videos explaining which are the foods that should not be missing from your table for a healthy diet?

Regardless of the type of content you want to work with, explainers are a perfect tool for laying out complex information detail by detail, in order to deliver it in an engaging way that will keep your audience coming back for more.


Did you know that 83% of people would rather watch tutorial videos on YouTube than search for articles and read instructions? The answer is obvious, video tutorials are much easier to follow! With this it is clear that tutorials are one of the best content ideas for YouTube that you can try.

Developing step-by-step guides that help your viewers complete a task step-by-step will drive interest in your videos and subscription to your channel. In fact, in the early years of YouTube, content creators filled the platform with video tutorials, and this hasn’t changed much, today video tutorials are still one of the most popular topics on the platform!

For example, how to install a program, prepare healthy diets, develop a video game, learn English step by step, or even become an expert in some subject.

A well-detailed video tutorial that encourages your viewers to solve a specific task by following instructions can be successful with almost any topic.


Do you want to increase your YouTube subscribers and establish brand awareness at the same time? Creating video interviews is the way to go.

The best thing about video interviews is that it helps you get more viewers and subscribers from the other person’s audience. In the following example, the Colombian writer and journalist Gabriel Garcia Marquez interviewed the Chilean poet and politician Pablo Neruda.

The more relevant people you include in your testimonial, the higher the chance your viewers will relate to at least one of your stories. And the more they can relate to your content, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel.

Travel blog videos

This type of content is aimed at people who love to travel. This idea is the easiest way to create a video of a trip or a visit to a tourist area. You just need a camera and start recording your travel experiences. Many cyclists record their riding experiences on their bikes.

You can share your experience, culture of the place, food, weather and the route to travel to that place. You can also talk about the history, famous places, or interesting facts related to the places you traveled to.

Cover live the historical beauty of the cities you visit, people interested in knowing those places will love your content. When people get detailed information about the place, more people will subscribe to your YouTube video channel to get the latest updates.

Q&A videos

This is a very effective YouTube video content idea that covers a variety of topics. You will receive many questions and comments from your audience on your video and social media posts.

Try to answer them by making a video about it. Tell your audience about the ideas to prepare the specific video. Select interesting questions that you want to answer in a following video. Also give credit to the people who have asked the questions, so they are motivated to keep asking. This way, more people will be motivated to interact with your channel.

Fitness channels

This is a channel aimed at people who want to maintain a healthy weight, obtaining advice on exercises to achieve this goal. All of us at some point think about developing a training plan and a healthy diet to live a healthy lifestyle.

Share your workout and diet plan with your subscribers. Show them the correct way to implement them in the gym. Another YouTube video idea can be for people who are unable to go to the gym due to financial problems. You can provide them with a training plan with alternate equipment. Just like water bottles, they can replace weights in the gym.

These types of ideas will show people new ideas to get fit. It is also very useful to prepare a video on low cost diet plans or simple and healthy recipes for weight loss.

Beauty trends

Beauty themes on YouTube are always a guarantee of subscribers. Educate your viewers with details of the released product and how to use it. Discuss the advantage of using these products, their cost, brands, and many more.

Provide some awesome skin and hair care tips. Give some skin care routines to improve skin and hair quality. You can create fashion hairstyles tutorials.

Make a list of your favorite products and discuss them. It can be your collection of makeup brushes, cosmetics or creams, whatever you choose. It reveals some content of dos and don’ts with viewers.

Recently during the pandemic people started a makeup challenge. Popular topics like mirrorless challenge, makeup challenge for kids, makeup under 500. So you can also create a unique makeup challenge.

Short films

If writing stories is your passion, then you can start your own short film. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and a video editing tool. The web series on YouTube is also an option to make your story a success. If your story is too long, turn it into a web series.

Lovely videos

Who doesn’t like cute babies and pets? Capturing babies and pets doing something fun on video is pretty adorable to watch. Adorable baby and pet videos can bring instant smiles and happiness to anyone. Be very active and attentive to record the perfect moments of your activities.

Musical demos

For all the talented musicians out there, Youtube is a great way to showcase your skills and get honest reviews from people. Remember to focus only on the positive comments and ignore the few and inevitable negative comments.

YouTube videos of reactions and jokes

These are the simple and real reactions, how one reacts to a certain situation. Reaction videos are creative and fun. You can start by recording anyone’s reaction during a prank, you can also react to movies, series, entertaining videos, etc.

Pranks have worked wonders for several years on YouTube. Plan a prank cleverly so that it is both entertaining and sensible. Start joking with your friends, family members as they will easily forgive you. Make your joke for entertainment purposes, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Video game content

If you’re a fan of video games, use your talents in these video ideas. Record your gameplay and show the world how you played it. Lots of new games come out every day in the market. Document a review on the best one to help your viewers buy the right one.

You can also share some cool tricks to win a match. Sometimes you can make a comment about the game. Talk to your audience, give them tips to play better.

Surprise your audience by broadcasting their favorite game on vio. Try to get them excited to see you play live. Collaborate with other games and invite them to your channel.

Cooking videos

To start a cooking video, you don’t have to be a chef. If you love to cook or have good recipes, share them in your videos. Introducing different dishes from the city where you reside is also a good idea. Here you can also collaborate with renowned chefs and make a special episode.

Cover some regional dishes to connect with different regional peoples. Share some cooking hacks with your viewers. If your tips are very helpful to people who don’t know how to cook, you will become a star for them.

Match analysis YouTube video

Covering matches live can be a great idea, this type of content is aimed at people who work and cannot watch the game, but want to be updated. Additionally, record your thoughts and experiences on game day with the fans.

Initially, you can start your videos with sports news. Provide updated news related to sports.

Fashion tips

If you call yourself a fashion expert, share your thoughts on the latest fashion trends, like different styles of clothing to mix and match. Show your wardrobe collection and your favorite dresses.

Share with your audience different style tips, for example, how to dress in summer and winter or different types of parties. You can also talk about clothing brands and where to buy them. Please suggest some store names where they will get latest and affordable dress collections.

Business advice content

If you have a business background, you can give business ideas and advice. Share your success story and enlighten them with the secret tips that worked for you.

Business oriented viewers will be drawn to your Youtube videos. To make it more useful, you can attach eBooks on upsell techniques, startup ideas, and more to the downloadable content or provide some valuable links in the description.

Animal videos

Many studies have shown that watching animal videos significantly improves mood. People find refuge in watching funny animal videos in the midst of our increasingly stressful lives. Take advantage of this trend and upload an adorable, friendly creature that your audience can enjoy.

Interesting data

Creating curiosity in the audience is a difficult task. Grab the attention of your audience by sharing interesting and unknown facts about any place, history, animal, festival, the flag of a country, anything that people haven’t heard about.

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