Saving operation: 7 ‘tips’ to weather autumn without giving up small pleasures

After the end of summer, we have returned to the routine with all that this entails. Trips with family and friends are left behind, the new course has arrived loaded with expenses and we are all already thinking about how to save for the next long weekends and Christmas getaways. But not for that reason you have to give up the small pleasures that life gives you . Here we give you seven simple tips so that you continue to enjoy moments of happiness with your loved ones without noticing too much effort.

1. Is your mobile in the last? Go to refurbished

If your mobile device has suffered after an intense summer and you are thinking of renewing it, one of the options on the rise is refurbished mobiles. There is no doubt that products of this type represent substantial savings and do not diminish the quality of the service or worsen the experience . It is convenient to differentiate them from second-hand mobiles, since refurbished mobiles are characterized by the fact that, thanks to their fine-tuning, the defects of the passage of time are not noticeable. This is the cheapest way to get your hands on a fully functional and almost brand new mobile.

2. Sport yes, but outdoors

If you need to cut down on gym expenses (monthly fee, tuition, equipment…), playing sports outdoors is a great option. Many underestimate the many advantages of running, playing team sports with friends, going to the mountains or dusting off the bike and skates. Breathing fresh air while you train decreases the feeling of anxiety and increases vitality and strength, it means a greater expenditure of calories in cold weather and increases your self-esteem. Take advantage of the fact that the weather is still good and, with this alternative, continue training and strengthen your body and mind while you save.

Breathing fresh air while exercising your body decreases the feeling of anxiety

3. Look for the best leisure options

Whether your city is large or small, with a little searching you will find cultural plans that you can continue doing without affecting your pocket too much. It is worth checking the opening hours of the museums in your area with reduced or even free prices , going to the cinema on the day of the spectator and discovering the halls and public cultural spaces that offer free activities (or almost). It is the best way to take advantage of cultural life and have a good time without affecting your savings.

4. Second hand not only for clothes

Although we recommend refurbished mobiles, getting other types of products on the second-hand market is more than recommended, and not only for clothing: video games, books, sports equipment, spare parts… the variety of products that have hardly been used and are sold second hand has grown exponentially in recent years . There are physical stores that are dedicated to buying and selling these types of items, but you can also investigate the multitude of mobile applications dedicated to this type of booming trade between individuals.

5. Advantages of sustainable mobility

When commuting to work, university or when meeting friends, you can make a difference walking, using your bicycle or on a scooter, not only physically and environmentally, but also economically. There are many reasons why these more sustainable transport alternatives must be taken into account to get around , such as traffic levels in the city or health, but also the money we can save. Leaving the car at home can mean considerable savings in your wallet and even in time that you can dedicate to making other plans.

Using bicycles, scooters or public transport makes a difference in your pocket

6. Share your travel expenses

Many mobile applications, some of them well known and reliable, allow us to contact other travelers to share expenses on the move . Meet other people who travel to the same destination and do not deprive yourself of hitting a getaway at Christmas or in the next long weekends that are coming up.

7. Do not give up small pleasures

Although summer is over and in autumn we all have more responsibilities, having fun as a couple, with your family or with friends can be very affordable . If you want to go out for lunch or dinner in company at a price that doesn’t make you bitter when the bill arrives, Burger King® has updated its King Savings Plus® menu by adding a few new features.

The first one is that you will never leave hungry, since the size of the menu has gone from small to medium in chips and drink at no extra cost. The price, which ranges between 3.99 and 5.99 dollars, includes different options such as the Cheeseburger® or Chicken Burger® at 3.99 dollars; Double BBQ® or Crispy Chicken® at dollars; and the great novelty: the Rodeo® and Rodeo Chicken ® hamburger for a limited time at a price of only 5.99 dollars, always including fries and a medium drink.

Also, for just one euro more, you can add 3 Chicken Nuggets®, 5 King Onion Rings® or a King Fusion® to your menu. Without a doubt, a menu of true kings within the reach of any pocket.

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