Who founded Google – The most used search engine in the world

Who founded Google?

Can you imagine your life without Google? Google has now become an “extension” of our brain!

  •  “I don’t remember who founded Google”
  • “Ask Google!”
  • “Where are we going to eat tonight?”
  • “Ok Google! Find restaurant nearby! “

These conversations are on the agenda today, but who founded Google ?

Google was founded by two young Stanford students born in 1973, Sergey Brin and Larry Page # The biography of Larry Page #!


The two met right in the university walls, they both attended a master’s degree at the most famous university in Silicon Valley.

Both are described as curious and passionate about computer science, these two qualities are essential to understand why two students were able to found the most known and used search engine in the world.

Which search engines existed before Google?

Today, accustomed to having such a technology, it may seem absurd that no one has thought of it before, in fact, in ’98 when Google # the story of Google # was in its infancy, someone had already thought about it, but with little success!

The first search engine was called Aliweb and had been developed in ’93, after only a year it saw the competition, WebCrawler and Lycos. In ’95 Altavista also appears among the experimental search engines.

These search engines were limited, Altavista was the most innovative but Brin and Page immediately realized its limit. In fact, the searches showed the results based on the number of times the searched word appeared on the website.

This method created a messy tide of results in which it was difficult for the user to understand and often the sites he found as an answer to his search were absolutely not valid or relevant but only full of the searched word.

Who founded Google why created it?

The idea of ​​creating what will later become Google was born from an idea, or a need, by Larry Page. The boy then twenty years old, wanted to be able to download the entire web on his computer, with a more powerful search engine than those already in existence.

Our protagonists, Brin and Page, understood that the fundamental connections of the world wide web depended on the inbound and outbound links from various sites.

The links also allow the Internet to be a dynamic world, in the sense that if a site within it refers to other sites, so that the user’s navigation does not remain static but is stimulated by an interconnection of sites and information.

The links are hyperlinks, and, they work a bit as a guarantee.

These incoming and outgoing links certify the validity of both sites, the more links there were on a site the more this proved useful and valid for the purposes of web research.

Who founded Google also invented Page Rank?

Every time you access the internet, the path is always to go to the search engine, type the name of what we are interested in looking for and wait a few seconds to get a list of results.

But how does Google choose the best one between two pages that talk about the same topic? In this context, the PageRank is inserted which serves to define the importance of that page and to assign a value to each site present on the search engine.

google pagerank

The algorithm was developed at Stanford University by the founders of Google Larry Page from which pagerank takes its name and Sergej Brin, however a second translation of the more literal term, namely page classification, is also widespread.

In a first phase, the pagerank represented the basis on which Page and Brin built the first version of Google. Later the algorithm, of which the details are not known, has been increasingly refined up to the present version.

Who created Google changed advertising!

Once the founders of Google succeeded in their intent to create a search engine based on the interactivity of the web and not just on words, they realized that a substantial economic return was missing.

Brin # The biography of Sergey Brin # and Page had the main purpose of improving the user’s life, so they didn’t want to have to focus on advertising to increase their turnover, but the investors wanted their investments to pay off.

It’s time for Google to convert to advertising, there was no alternative.

web agency for google

Whoever founded Google wanted to improve the life of the user online!

Larry Page and Sergej Brin thought that banner ads were a nuisance for the user, so even though they were now aware of having to advertise, they didn’t want to limit themselves to the classic methods offered by the web.

It was necessary to create intelligent advertising, which could meet the needs of the user!

Targeted advertising could also improve users’ online experience.

To continue to make the user’s Google experience more than positive, advertising shouldn’t interfere with searches.

In fact, even today on Google advertising is divided from searches by a vertical line. Google decides to develop another Google AdWords advertising method, thanks to this new system, companies can advertise on Google by making their ads appear at the beginning of the search when these are relevant to what interests the user.

Google and derivatives

Google sees its rise dramatically and in a short time, so those who founded Google decide to also found Google derivatives.

The first of these was Gmail, a web mail service that gave the web a lot of space to save and send mail. This service was not free from controversy, initially we wanted to include targeted advertising content in the emails sent and received based on what was written in the email.

This raised quite a few controversies regarding privacy, the choice of highly targeted advertising was abandoned and Google’s upper echelons ensured that the information was all managed in an automated manner; reassurance that users greatly appreciated.

In 2005 two other branches of Google are presented: Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Maps today is the most used application as a navigator with any means of transport, thanks to its functions that allow you to calculate as many routes as possible with the means available.

Later, Google Analytics was also developed, a tool designed for business users, in fact it allows you to keep the online trends of your site under control and to measure the functioning of marketing campaigns.


Another important service offered by Google is Google AdSense which allows you to earn money by displaying advertisements on your website.

Thanks to all the tools that Google offers to earn with advertising, it also became easy prey for those who wanted to find a flaw in the system to be able to place themselves in pole position, without respecting Google’s policies.

Google responded to the threat by improving its algorithm, and offering a service, which allowed companies, or at least those who managed a site, to position themselves among the first through SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization.

Google all-in!

In 2008, Google also created its browser which today has hundreds of millions of users, simple and fast Google Chrome has become the browser of choice for both computer and mobile users.

Google also develops the Android operating system, for mobile devices. Initially the interface was designed only for smartphones and tablets, but today Android technology also extends to smart TVs, cars, smartwatches and is also the interface for Google Glass.

For Android, a free Android Open Source Project software is also developed that allows the creation of Apps.

To fully understand when Google has revolutionized the world of the web, just think that “googling” is an action that a person does more than once a day every day!

Here is an explanatory video of the concept of the multitude of searches that populate Google every year:

It is easy at this point to ask yourself how many searches are made on Google each day?

Every day Google is asked 3.3 billion times to get answers to the most disparate questions!

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