List of the best books: expert advice for learning a language

When we are not working on MosaLingua, at MosaLingua we read a lot of books on self-study (among other topics). If the subject interests you, and you want to know how to learn a language quickly, then you will find below a list of the best books to learn a language.

List of the best books for learning a language

1. The Polyglot Project

228 pages of learning tips from the best polyglots on the planet (more than 43 people have contributed to this book). There is everything in this book, and sometimes you have to take some disguised advertisements with a grain of salt, but the rest is excellent with lots of fabulous advice that I can’t wait to try.

If you want more information here are some sites that speak more fully of this book:

  • Polyglot Project Review by DAMIAN GRYSKI
  • Benny’s page ( fluent in 3 month ) on this book
  • You will finally find the pdf on Amazon

2. Success with Foreign Languages: Seven who achieved it and what worked for them

A book in the same line as The Polyglot Project , except that it is less recent since it was published in 1989. Numerous testimonies and advice from people who have learned a language by themselves. The different categories of learners reveal their secrets to us. You will find for example a person who focuses on grammar, because he likes it and feels the need for it, or on the contrary, other people who concentrate on a minimum basis and who practice as much as possible afterwards. You can find the free pdf here.

3. The Linguist On Language: How to learn a language in the age of the internet

A 115-page book that gives very practical advice for learning a language, staying motivated, and making the most of the resources available on the internet. This book is actually largely a collection of articles from the excellent blog theLinguist . Steve Kaufmann, the author is a linguist and polyglot grandfather (as he says himself) so you can say he has a lot of experience in learning languages. He is also the creator of the LingQ site which is a paid site for learning languages, so he may not be the most objective, but I found his advice very relevant. I had read it over a year ago, and now I feel the need to read it again… Free ebook here The_Linguist_Book.

4. Babel no more : in search of the most extraordinary polyglots in the world

A book that is easy to read and fun to read. The author has traveled all over the world to study and meet the best polyglots in the world. There are some who speak more than 50 different languages. His goal: to try to unlock their secrets. Captivating, and extraordinary. You can find the book on amazon

5. Don’t speak English, Parlez globish

There is also the book on Globish by Jean-Paul Nerrière, of which I made a detailed review on these articles. There is a good part of the book which is dedicated to self-study English techniques . I already took notes when I read this book, and I can tell you that there is also very good advice (but which is found for the most part in these other books).

6. The Language Hacker Guide

I am particularly a fan of Benny, the Irish polyglot who changes country every 3 months to learn a new language (he already speaks 8 languages). At the time of writing the article, he was elsewhere in Colombia… His blog is full of tips for learning to speak a new language, and his credo is to start speaking right away.

I haven’t finished the guide yet, I found the price a bit expensive ($59 when I bought it), but there are tips and methods that are worth gold. He also advises some free learning sites on the net. I don’t have time to read and test everything yet, but I promise, when I’m done, I’ll talk about it in more detail. Ebook + mp3 at $59

We also give you a list of books on personal development, full of tips to apply precisely in learning new languages.

We hope these books will excite you as much as we do. And that you will find among this list of the best books to learn a language, the one that will help you progress quickly. And to go further, do not miss our other articles that may interest you:

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