I want to get married: 21 things you need to know before getting engaged!

Every girl has fantasized about her wedding day. At least once. Some of us go so far as to plan every little detail, from floral decorations to honeymoon. Dreaming is right: but marriage remains a serious matter. It’s real. And so it’s good to know a few things about your other half before taking the plunge …

There are many of us who dream of walking on the steps of the church looking our prince charming in the eyes . But it is always good to distinguish dream and reality and understand right away how married life is also dedication, commitment and concreteness. And knowledge of the other.

To prevent our legitimate dream of a happy and fulfilling married life from being wrecked after a quarter of an hour, here is a list of 21 simple things to know BEFORE getting engaged and buying the wedding dress !

1. Your partner’s religious beliefs

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. But it’s important to know if your partner is and what I believe. And then ask yourself a few questions about yourself and how you feel about a certain faith, whether your belief, if you have it, may be in line with that of your partner. outdated, but religious convictions, when they exist, could considerably affect the life of a couple.

2. Political convictions

Liberal or conservative? Right or left? It may be true that opposites attract, but it would be better to avoid political arguments every time. If you are particularly passionate about politics, then, it takes very little to warm up for nothing!

3. Ambitions at work

Two people who have different levels of ambition may have problems in the future. A sort of internal competition could be created that would not do too much good for the couple, as it is useless and harmful, since the professional dimension is separate from that of the couple.

4. Previous relationships

Really knowing your partner also means knowing their past relationships. This will help you understand even better what your boyfriend’s personality really is and above all the way he manages the life of a couple.

5. Having children

A very important issue, to be addressed as soon as possible. In fact, not everyone wants to have children: it is necessary to know your partner’s intentions as soon as possible on such an important and delicate point.

6. Relationship with money

Is your partner a cicada or an ant? Do you spend on frivolous things or are you thrifty? When you are about to live a life together, like it or not, money will play a crucial role in your daily life.

7. Marriage is not just a party

Of course, the wedding day has to be a big party. But it’s a special party because it doesn’t end like any other party …

8. You will fight ..

… and that’s right. You are two individuals trying to be one. It is natural to have some disagreements, or more than one disagreement, but it is certainly not the end of the world (or your relationship!) If this happens, indeed! The key to everything is to understand how arguments can strengthen the couple leading to better knowledge. mutual.

9. It is right to still have a life outside the couple

Don’t allow your relationship to become a possession relationship. Your lunches with friends? Keep doing them. Does he go with friends for a beer? Don’t stop it.

10. The ring does not make you its mistress

Continuing the point above, you should never pretend to control someone, nor allow them to do it. He is another person, with his thoughts, his opinions, his life.

11. When to say sorry

Admitting that you were wrong is never easy. Neither to yourself nor to your partner. But it is a skill that matters a lot in the life of a couple, and must be learned and cultivated. Knowing how to say sorry is sometimes crucial in a good relationship.There is nothing more annoying and a person who thinks they are always right. “Sorry” is a magic word on many occasions: it is not for nothing that we have been taught it since we were children.

12. Stand firm and fight only when it’s really worth it

Not everything must be debated and contested. Choose wisely on what to strike up a couple clash!

13. Where to live

The decision of where to live is necessarily something that all couples must discuss. Better not to impute on the dreams of a child or on a particular place. He is there too, with his needs and his tastes.

14. Expand their domestic skills

Can you cook? Can you clean? Can you iron? Do you know how to do something or do I have to do everything at home? We recommend that you investigate the domestic skills of your boyfriend before formalizing any engagement.

15. Family and friends

You certainly can’t hope to spend the rest of your life with someone without having to deal with their friends and family. They are part of him and his life. Get to know them as soon as possible.

16. Bad habits

We all have them. Biting your nails, sitting in front of your computer for hours, leaving your underwear at home. If there’s any bad habit that you just can’t stand in another, it’s best to find out first!

17. Perfection does not exist

The charming prince and the perfect man do not exist. The sooner you accept it the better.

18. How he treats his mother

The way he treats his mother mirrors the way he treats all women. If he treats her badly, avoid getting engaged to him.

19. Determine your key points

Marriage would be understood as “Till death do us part”. But this does not mean that you must become someone’s doormat, nor accept anything, so set with yourself and with your partner the key points, the limits not to be exceeded, the decisive elements that must be respected in order to continue The relationship: Make it clear immediately what are the things you could never accept in a relationship.

20. How your partner handles anger

When people get really angry they can show another nature. Often their true nature. Other times they don’t really mean what they say in the fumes of anger. Pay close attention to these moments, which certainly will come. They can tell you something about your partner that you never could have thought of, and it is certainly best not to marry someone who cannot control their anger.

21. Mutual knowledge

This sounds obvious. But it is not so obvious: and it sums up all the previous points a bit. If you think too much about your wedding day while you are still dating it is possible that you are not taking the time to really get to know it. Don’t make this mistake.

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