10 clever tips for furnishing a very small apartment

Are you buying a house and your choice fell on a comfortable but very small apartment and you don’t know how to furnish it? Here is a list of 10 useful tips to furnish it with style and taste using all the spaces in an optimal way.

A real mission impossible is to furnish a very small apartment because we are faced with a series of reflections that we must take into account : take advantage of all the space , which is very limited, but do not make the environment narrow ; be creative and decorate your home with personal taste , with paintings and other elements without creating chaos.

However, furnishing and decorating a small apartment does not have to be demeaning also because it will have to be your home for a lot of time and therefore you have to spend time and energy so that the final result is just what we have in mind .

Who said that efficiency disdains style? We have collected 10 tips to demonstrate how this assumption is totally inaccurate. Here are some effective tips to furnish a very small apartment with elegance and style.


Free floor

furnish-apartment-very small-shelves

Since a room, even if well furnished, is not adequate if you cannot move inside, opt for vertical shelves and bookcases . In this way the floor will be free from other accessories, beautiful yes, but bulky.

Instead of floor lamps , prefer wall lamps and more generally take advantage of the vertical space, leaving the horizontal one free: the whole environment will perceptually acquire more space .

Extendable furniture

furnishing-apartment-very small-folding-furniture-

You have to furnish your tiny apartment by virtue of a single thought ” optimize space “. So, do you really need the table all the time? The answer is obviously no. So why not consider using extendable and / or folding furniture ?

They are optimal solutions to free up space and to avoid the obsessive compulsive accumulation (joking) of objects. You can fold up the table or desk and use them only when you need them.



Another important consideration you need to make is about the colors to choose. For example, white turns out to be the ideal color because it perceptually enlarges the spaces and gives it brightness, however it is not necessary for your tiny apartment to become total white.

You could choose darker shades on the ceiling or walls , without exaggerating, to give three-dimensionality . For example, in a living room that has neutral -colored floors you could insert furnishing accessories that contemplate a brighter color palette , all without accentuating too much.

Your goal is always to liven up the environment but not mortify it.



A smart tip that you must necessarily take advantage of if you are furnishing a small apartment is to use mirrors . Mirrors not only reflect light, giving more brightness to the environment in case of low natural light, but they also illusively enlarge the environment .

For example, you could install a very large mirror on a wall or use several mirrors of different shapes to create a play of lights and illusory spaces.

Large carpet

furnish-apartment-very small-carpet

Even a nice large rug can be a solution to make the room where you will place it appear much larger .

Don’t worry about size – the bigger the better. In fact, a small rug will accentuate the opposite effect making the environment even tighter. Then choose a large one to be placed in the center of the living area or in the bedroom. Chic and elegant effect guaranteed.

Suitable style in your very small apartment

furnish-apartment-very small-style

To furnish a small apartment, it is important to make a stylistic choice: do not indulge yourself too much in mixing different styles , what you will get will be just disorder and nothing else.

Choose a well- defined color palette , whether light or dark, play with some bright tones to create dark corners.

In addition , opt for a minimal style . A style that is too classic or vintage requires important furniture that will do nothing but clutter in your small apartment. Free your imagination instead in the colors and finishes of the furniture .

Versatile elements

furnish-apartment-very small-bed-container

Always considering the starting point “optimize spaces”, choose furnishing accessories that are well suited to the rooms, versatile and can perform different functions. For example, prefer storage beds or integrated drawers , sofa beds for guests, a storage table.

Right space between the furniture

If you want to make the environment welcoming and not suffocate the spaces, opt to place the furniture away from the wall and make sure you leave enough space between one piece of furniture and another . In this way the environment will seem larger and you will avoid making your apartment a “hole full of things”.

Very small apartment: the special details


Some people think: small house, small furniture. Nothing more wrong.

Select some pieces and place them strategically : they will immediately attract attention. For example, use a colorful piece of furniture , a particular painting , an oddly shaped object holder , your guest will be attracted to these elements and the whole environment will live in splendid harmony.

The lighting

furnish-apartment-very small-lighting

Last but not least, lighting. Most of the small apartments have very small windows which has a negative effect on the whole environment which is dark and cramped.

The lack of natural light can be compensated by an adequate artificial lighting project to be brought back to all the rooms of the house. Choose ceiling lighting combined with table lamps to make everything welcoming and favor LEDs , which are decidedly more eco-friendly and durable.

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