Education is the foundation of a good life

Do you want to raise a happy and healthy child who can live well? For a child to learn and acquire the ability to think, learn and analyze, it is necessary that he receives a good education. However, when we talk about education, we are not just referring to a child’s need to go to school and learn math, languages, physics or chemistry. This concept embraces a much broader definition.

When we talk about education, we refer to a set of values, teachings and skills that a child must learn over time, the transmission of knowledge and socialization. And this does not only concern the academic sphere, but all social spheres, starting with the family.

Home education

Proper education is the foundation of a good life. It is difficult for a child to be happy in the future if he grew up in an unsuitable environment, lacking in every respect.

The family is the first brick, the fundamental basis for raising healthy,  educated children, with a greater chance of being happy in the future. The family is the first brick on which the educational and social foundations of the children and adults of tomorrow are built. And if this cardinal point fails, so does the whole process that follows.

We must never forget that education is not limited to the learning of school and academic subjects, as we have already said, but that it must be based on the constitution of a personality capable of behaving adequately in different social spheres.  

A child must have the ability to express critical opinions.  He must know how to create his own reasoning, how to draw his own conclusions, expressing his own judgments about values ​​without having to copy anything from others, through inappropriate messages, such as television or political ones, for example.

happy family in a firefly field

The academic basis of education

On the other hand, we must not even think that the family is the only source of education for children. Although it is fundamental from this point of view,  the school also plays an important role in this area.  

And academic education shouldn’t focus solely on imparting knowledge in different subjects, such as mathematics or languages. It must also be involved in the formative process of the little ones.

A teacher must be able to convey values, motivation and desire to learn to his pupils,  and not transform education into a boring process of explaining knowledge, studies and forgetfulness, which is what often happens today.  

Education concerns every area of ​​life

Education is always present. From the moment we are born until the day of our death, we live a constant process of acquiring knowledge and values ​​that never ends . It is up to each of us to be open to processes that provide us with knowledge and values ​​that we can be proud of, that allow us to think and make critical observations, and ultimately feel full and happy throughout life.

 “Never consider studying as an obligation, but as an opportunity to enter the wonderful and fascinating world of knowledge.”

Because, even if according to some rational tendencies, men believe that they are happier the less they know, this is a huge mistake, since a person unable to express their judgments and values ​​will never have the opportunity to fully develop their personal skills. .  

Knowledge sets you free

child paints ladybug

Knowledge is a powerful tool that sets you free. It allows you to socialize more easily in all areas, brings transversal values  ​​and makes you feel more complete. And this is discovered thanks to education.

Do not be satisfied if your children acquire every academic notion and leave aside the real life lessons,  that is the values ​​and the ability to think for themselves, which will lead to the realization of their dreams.

Education and knowledge allow anyone to get to know each other better.  They offer the ability to discover what one’s goals in life are and provide the tools to turn them into reality.

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