The US publishes the data from its app to monitor those vaccinated against Covid: 7.7% required medical attention

The US CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) has provided, following a court order, part of the data collected by the application on 10 million users vaccinated against Covid-19

Around 782,900 people vaccinated against Covid-19 required medical attention after receiving the injection, according to data from V-Safe. This is an application for monitoring the adverse effects of vaccines promoted by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, CDC, which has been used by some ten million people, which yields 7.7% of users who needed “medical attention”. , went to the ER and/or were hospitalized” after receiving any of the vaccines authorized in the United States against Covid-19.

The CDC has provided the data after a court order as a result of the lawsuits filed by the non-profit organization ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network or Informed Consent Action Network). This requested the information collected by the V-Safe app for the first time in June 2021 and after two lawsuits and months of negotiation between the parties, District Judge Robert Pitman ordered that the CDC provide the plaintiff with some of the requested information to on September 30 and that on October 14 the parties meet to discuss the published information and specify new deadlines, if necessary, for the resolution of the dispute.

The data provided by the CDC and that ICANN has published on its website includes the activity of the 10 million users of the application between December 14, 2020 and July 31, 2022 . During this period, 231 million Americans received at least one dose of one of the Covid vaccines, so the V-Safe data reflects the experience of 4% of those vaccinated during that time .

V-Safe data can be consulted on the ICAN website.

V-Safe data can be consulted on the ICAN website. 

In addition to the 782,913 people who needed medical attention after vaccination, 2.5 million interrupted their normal activities , including going to work or school, after being inoculated. That is, 25% of the users of the application .

In total, 71 million symptoms were reported through V-Safe’s predefined fields . This allows users to enter information by checking boxes in predefined fields and also to enter it freely and in more detail in text fields. The data provided by the CDC corresponds only to the first type . ICAN has assured that it will continue to litigate to get the CDC to publish all the information collected through V-Safe.

Among the side effects reported by V-Safe users, joint pain stands out . Aaron Siri, ICAN’s legal representative in this case, told Fox News that “there are 4 million within a group of 10 million . That’s an extremely high number and of those 4 million reporting joint pain, joint pain is an immune reaction and something to worry about after vaccination, over two million were moderate . Not mild but moderate and 400,000 had severe joint pain . This is a vaccine designed to help the elderly, those who are likely to catch Covid.Making your joints swell, potentially causing long-term problems, is not a good idea .”

The most reported side effects were general pain (19.5 million times), fatigue (12.7 million), headache (9.7 million), muscle pain (7.8 million), joint pain (4 million) , swelling (3.6 million) and chills (3.5 million). The average number of symptoms per user is 7 .

V-Safe has also recorded the post-vaccination status of 13,000 children under two years of age . In this group , 33,000 symptoms were reported , the most common being irritability, lack of sleep, pain and loss of appetite.

In the same interview, the lawyer stated that the number of side effects “ is incredibly significant . One of the reasons they promoted Covid vaccines is that they said, ‘look, not everyone is going to be seriously affected by Covid, but for many it will prevent them from developing symptoms, being hospitalized or missing work’ . Now that we have the data we can see that taking the vaccine has cost 25% of the people who were vaccinated, out of 10 million people, to miss work and have adverse effects that affected the development of their normal life .

Regarding the relationship between side effects and the administered vaccine, Siri has pointed out that “the Moderna vaccine , of which fewer doses have been administered, seems to have a higher rate of adverse effects .” The V-Safe data includes the vaccines from Moderna (48.28% of adverse effects), Pfizer (43.08%) and J&J (4.72%), in addition to the generic section “Other brands”.

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