Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Hire Marital Lawyers for Their Divorce

This 2022 brought winds of change for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. The American football star and global sports star announced his retirement on February 1, 2022… only to retract a month and a half later. At now 45 years old, Brady decided to leave behind a full sports career to focus on his business and family life, a decision that seemed to please the Brazilian supermodel (42). However, his return to football has brought a huge family tidal wave. For weeks the American media have been talking about a rift between the couple, married for more than 13 years. But it is now that the worst omens seem to be confirmed. As reported exclusively by the always inquisitive and fast New York tabloid Page Six, and sources close to the couple have confirmed to the CNN television network and People magazine, both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and the former Victoria’s Secret angel have already hired two marriage lawyers to negotiate an, it seems, imminent divorce. The couple would have been living separately for two weeks.

At stake are more than fifteen years of relationship, two children in common (plus another from Brady) and millions, many millions. According to Reuters, precisely, Bündchen has a fortune of around 400 million dollars (a few million more at the exchange rate in euros), while Brady, considered this year by Forbes the ninth highest paid athlete, has earned almost 84 million this year alone. dollars, 52 of them thanks to their advertising commitments. When he retires he will not lack income: he has signed a contract with the Fox network as an analyst for which, over the next 10 years, he will pocket 375 million dollars. In addition, both have a portfolio of assets in common worth 26 million dollars and, among other properties,

Since the beginning of September, various media have published that Brady and Bündchen had a strong fight at the end of August. In an unusual gesture, the seven-time Super Bowl winner missed 11 days of training that month, and to justify himself he explained that the reason was “a personal matter.” “Everyone has different situations to deal with, challenges in our lives. I am a 45-year-old man, there is a lot of shit involved, ”he said in statements to the media after returning to training.

The couple lives in the city of Miami (Florida), the state where the Tampa Buccaneers are based. In fact, he played in Tampa over the weekend against the Kansas, Missouri Chiefs. And both Brady and Bündchen traveled there, although, according to the tabloid, they stayed in different places. Her children went to the stadium to see her father, but she did not.

According to various sources when Brady decided to retire in February, that sporty step back had been highly applauded by the model. However, she does not like it to be pointed out that Brady’s return, only six weeks later, would have made her angry, since according to her environment she considers such statements “macho”. The divorce would be underway due to different factors, and not only that, just as there would be no third parties in their marriage.

In September, who became the highest paid model in the world became the cover of the American edition of Elle magazine and, although the interview took place before she and her husband began to make the news due to their relationship problems , the Brazilian gave some brushstrokes about what Brady’s return to the front line of the sport had meant. “I wish it was more present,” she said. “I moved to Boston and focused on creating a loving and caring atmosphere for my children to grow up and be there supporting him and his dreams. Seeing my sons become the beautiful little men they are, and seeing him succeed and feel fulfilled in his career, makes me happy,” she added. To then clarify: “I feel fulfilled as a mother and as a wife. But now it will be my turn.”

The couple began their relationship in 2006, and secretly married in February 2009. It was in an intimate ceremony held in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), to which only very close family members were invited. “We planned it in 10 days, and it was the perfect wedding,” explained the athlete in an interview with GQ shortly after. They cooked barbecued ribs, champagne, cake and some ice cream, he reminisced about the family after party. In April, the already married couple married for the second time at the model’s house in Santa Teresa (Costa Rica). Less than a year later, their first child, Benjamin, now 12, was born, and in December 2012, their daughter Vivian. According to Page Six, both would like to share custody of the children.

From a previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan, the quarterback’s first child was born. Although everything seemed to be going well between them, in 2006 and after two years of relationship they decided to separate. What neither Moynahan nor Brady knew was that she was pregnant with her second child, John. Both found out once that the athlete had already begun to meet the Brazilian model. In a book published in 2019, Moynahan explained how complicated it had been to be a single mother and be at the center of the news after her separation from Brady, although she acknowledged feeling lucky to have managed to be good parents with him and that John grew up with people who loved him.

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