Santander and Cambridge Judge Business School offer 1,000 learning scholarships on sustainability and climate change

They are aimed at those who want to be an active part in green initiatives in their work environment or seek to reorient their professional career towards sustainability.

Santander Bank and Cambridge Judge Business School, the world’s leading research institution on sustainability issues, is launching 1,000 Santander Sustainability Scholarships | Skills for the Green Transition–Cambridge Judge Business School, aimed at people who want to be an active part in green initiatives in their work environment or who are seeking to reorient their career towards sustainability. Scholarships are available to nationals or residents of 13 countries.

This 100% online six-week international program will provide a global vision of the environmental problems and challenges we are facing, such as biodiversity loss, deforestation, renewable energy, the circular economy and the leadership skills necessary for energy transition through examples and success stories of experienced companies in the application of ESG (environmental, social and good governance) criteria.

It will also address the necessary tools to get involved in sustainable initiatives developed in professional environments, analyze their impact and understand the way in which companies react to climate change.

Scholarships can be requested until June 9 at this link. There is no cost involved, they do not require a university degree or to be a customer of the bank and the participants will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Cambridge Judge Business School.

For Blanca Sagastume, who is deputy director of Santander Universities, “the green transition is the most urgent and far-reaching challenge that we have faced as a society. A challenge that requires awareness, education and tools to be able to address it both individually and institutionally. That is the meaning of this program which, in collaboration with a partner like Cambridge Judge Business School, will bring great value to its participants”.

Mauro Guillén, dean of the Cambridge Judge Business School, highlights that “achieving sustainable growth is the biggest challenge we are facing today. The University of Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School are at the forefront of efforts to understand the complexities of this challenge and how we can address them. We are past seeing this as a future problem and must be actively involved in initiatives that address this problem urgently. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Banco Santander in this important effort to spread the knowledge and capacity that we already have to make a difference”.

Santander Bank and its support for higher education

Santander Bank, a leader in responsible banking, maintains a firm commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth with a pioneering and consolidated commitment to education, entrepreneurship and employment, which it has been developing through Santander Universities for more than 25 years and distinguishes it from the rest of the financial entities in the world. Since its launch, the bank has been allocating more than 2,100 million euros and has been supported more than 790,000 students, professionals and entrepreneurial projects through agreements with nearly 1,000 universities and institutions in 15 countries.

Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) is part of the University of Cambridge, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The university has a primary focus on developing technologies to combat climate change. For its part, Cambridge Judge Business School has 19 research centers in many subject areas and strives to make a real difference in the world of business and society in general. Sustainability is a key focus area, with multiple initiatives as well as a wealth of research on how society and business can and should respond to the complex challenges of ensuring economic development and protecting our planet.

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