Six useful gadgets for your car that do not exceed 51 dollars and can get you out of trouble

Economic and practical solutions to problems that may arise on the road

For a driver it is convenient to have the necessary resources to deal with certain situations that can occur at the wheel. From running out of battery to not having the necessary pressure in the tires through breakdowns, drowsiness on long journeys or, in the most extreme cases, suffering a traffic accident. We offer you a selection of gadgets for cars that it is better not to have to use, but you will appreciate having them if that is the case.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump air compressor

Mi Portable Air Pump.

My Portable Air Pump.  Courtesy of Xiaomi.

It allows the driver to control and adjust the tire pressure at any time. It can measure it, which is useful in older cars that don’t integrate this function into the on-board computer, and also inflate the tire to the set pressure and stop automatically. It has a 2,000 mAh battery that is enough to inflate 5 car tires, at a rate of six minutes each, six motorcycle tires with the same speed or eight bicycle tires using three minutes each. It incorporates a light for use at night, a Micro-USB charging port and its motor is designed not to overheat and is comfortable to hold in your hand while using it. You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website for 39.99 dollars .

BIUBLE battery jump starter

BIUBLE battery starter.

BIUBLE battery starter.  Courtesy of Amazon.

This is one of those devices that you hope you don’t have to use, but just having to do it once justifies the purchase. The car jump starter is available in various capacities, but we stick with the basic one that can start a 12V vehicle and is recommended for 7.0L gasoline or 5.5L diesel engines. The battery has a capacity of 12,800 mAh that is maintained for twelve months and a single charge gives to use the device up to 20 times. It has two USB ports (3.0/2.0) to charge other devices and a third USB-C for power, LED flashlight with SOS mode, alarm sound and can be used as a safety hammer to break glass if necessary. It is valid for other types of vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles or boats and can be purchased for 50.99 dollars on Amazon.

Emergency light Help Flash Smart

Help Flash Smart.

Help Flash Smart.  Courtesy of Amazon.

A signaling alternative in the event of an accident or breakdown that is much safer than traditional vehicles. The device can be placed on the vehicle, to which it is attached magnetically, without the driver having to leave it. Its light is visible from a kilometer away, it is approved by the DGT and has GPS geolocation, for which it is necessary to download the Incidence app roadside assistance application. It communicates with the mobile by Bluetooth and the app makes an immediate notification to the user’s insurance or to 112, facilitating geolocation by GPS. On Amazon for 22.53 dollars .

Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker Hammer Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Emergency Window Breaker Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter.

Amazon Basics Emergency Window Breaker Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter. (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

Two-in-one tool that, in the event of an accident, allows you to cut the seat belt to free yourself and break the glass to leave the vehicle. The hammer has two heads, made of tungsten, and the blade is fitted in a hook-shaped mount that facilitates the operation of cutting the seat belt. It includes two units, each accompanied by a support to store them safely, and is available for 11.93 dollars .

Anti-fatigue alarm para conductores resqme

Anti-fatigue alarm para conductores resqme.

Anti-fatigue alarm for resqme drivers. (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

Drowsiness is one of the main dangers when driving and this device is designed to prevent it. Similar in design to a Bluetooth headset from a few years ago, resqme’s gadget sits on the ear and emits a 90dB alarm when it detects that the head tilt exceeds 15/20 degrees. It is adjustable, works with button batteries, weighs 12 grams and is available on Amazon for 9.95 dollars .

Sailnovo emergency kit

Sailnovo emergency kit.

Sailnovo emergency kit.  (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

This emergency kit contains a wide variety of resources to deal with different situations that can occur on the road. Includes first aid kit, safety hammer, reflective safety vest and warning triangle, tire pressure gauge, protective gloves, flashlight, tow rope, battery connection cables, tire repair tools and more. All packed in a small easy to carry bag. You can find it on Amazon for 49.99 dollars .

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