Julia Roberts, an icon of men’s fashion with these 6 ‘looks’

Julia Roberts, ambassador and icon of menswear: these 6 ‘looks’ prove it

Without a doubt, if there is  someone who can afford to wear any type of suit  and always be elegant… That is  Julia Roberts, the queen of romantic comedies . The actress goes beyond conventional styles. We have always been accustomed to seeing her  on the red carpets of award ceremonies with a jacket and pants and even a tie , an element of fashion mainly related to men. But Roberts has been conquering us since the 90s with a thousand ways and colors to wear these garments. In her last appearance  during the Academy Museum Gala , the interpreter returns to give a  lesson in elegance with  her fetish brand,  Gucci . We review the best  looks  of Julia Roberts  that make her the  ambassador of men’s fashion .

1. Julia Roberts at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala

Julia Roberts  attends the Academy Museum Gala to receive the Icon Award for her incredible film career. However, the actress is not only an  icon of Hollywood  and cinema, she is also  an icon of fashion . Specifically the male. So for such a special day, one of her most classic styles could not be missing.

Julia Roberts in a black suit and white shirt

Julia Roberts at the Academy Museum Gala 2022

The actress opts for masculine designs on the  GTRES rugs

This is a great  black Thom Brown signature look  with a short tail that is highlighted by the  white shirt  underneath that starts at the chest. Chopard jewelry , a firm of which she is an ambassador, and her hair are complemented by her styling  . 

2. Julia Roberts in Gucci x Adidas

Julia Roberts and George Clooney  are in the middle  of promoting  their new movie: Journey to Paradise . And three days before making an impact with the previous design, the actress also appeared before the media in a  suit . This time a very special one in which  Gucci and Adidas  have collaborated to make an  impressive beige two-piece with black details . A perfect combo between sophistication and fun made up of a jacket and pants with the classic  black Adidas stripes lined  up on the sides. 

Adidas x Gucci for Julia Roberts: yellow suit with tie and black lines on the sides on the pants

Adidas x Gucci, only for Julia Roberts

The actress looks like a  GTRES stewardess

Roberts  paired it with a white shirt , black tie, black high heels and  aviator sunglasses.  She undoubtedly looks like a  flight attendant  and the artist herself later posted a fun video on Instagram imitating the instructions given on planes before takeoff.

3. Julia Roberts at the 1990 Golden Globes

Now, to remember the  first great appearance of the actress with a masculine suit  from head to toe, you have to go back 30 years. We refer to the  1990 Golden Globe Awards , where Julia Roberts won her first major award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in  Steel Magnolias . She picked it up in a  Giorgio Armani signature XXL plaid suit with tie .

Julia Roberts, winner at the 1990 Golden Globes in a suit with tie size XXL

Julia Roberts, winner of the Golden Globe in 1990

Was the suit too big for you? This is how he picked up the  GTRES award

The artist revealed in InStyle  magazine  that she  bought the suit off the rack  because she loved the shape of it: “For me, this was the ideal example of dressing up,” she said. The following year she repeated her quirky look with a navy blue skirt suit with sheer black stockings.

4. Julia Roberts in yellow for New York

The actress has a  very tight schedule  when she is promoting one of her films. And it seems that  this year is being very special in terms of outfits  for her. She arrived in style on the  Late Show with Stephen Colbert . As if it were a sunflower,  whole butter yellow  . She also did it in a completely  custom suit from Lafayette  148 New York.

Julia Roberts brings color to the streets of New York with this yellow Gucci suit

Julia Roberts brings color to the streets of New York

In this yellow Gucci  James Devaney suit

Wide-legged and finished  with an above-the-ankle hem, the trousers match the bright spring pastel hue of the jacket and buttons . A  look  that Julia Roberts broke with black oxford shoes  with heels. Without a doubt, a very different style than the one she wore that night during the program: a Moschino Ace of Hearts suit from the spring 1994 prêt-à-porter collection with  vintage touches .

5. Julia Roberts, in a tuxedo for Elle magazine   in France

Also,  in June 2022 Julia Roberts  posed for the  French edition of  Elle  magazine in this  elegant pearl pink tuxedo  . Only she could look so good in a classic masculine cut like this one. The design is from Gucci and is complemented by a pastel yellow vest and white shirt.

Julia Roberts Poses for 'Elle France' in an Elegant Pearl Pink Tuxedo

Julia Roberts poses for ‘Elle France’

In an elegant pearl pink tuxedo  ELLE FRANCE

6. Julia Roberts in a short schoolgirl outfit

And although the interpreter usually opts for long pants for her suit styles, from time to time she opts for skirt suits or short pants, as on this occasion. Julia Roberts presented the miniseries  Gaslit  with Sean Penn and for this she chose  a plaid suit with a jacket and shorts  that reaches her waist. She stands out for her golden buttons on her jacket that are combined with the black ones on her pants.

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn at the premiere of 'Gaslit'.  The actress wears a schoolgirl-style plaid shorts outfit

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn at the ‘Gaslit’ premiere

The actress chose a  GTRES plaid shorts suit

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