There are already weddings in the metaverse… and if it doesn’t work out, there are also divorces

Companies in the sector unite their capabilities to create immersive ceremonies with avatars

In the age of online dating , weddings are no exception. Imagine arriving mounted on a unicorn to say “I do”, while your spouse dressed in the most select haute couture awaits you at the altar with Javier Bardem waiting to officiate the ceremony. They get married, kiss, dance, and then move their party to Mars with Elon Musk and the King of England in attendance.

This may sound like a fantasy or a fever dream, but in the metaverse all of this is possible.

Taking virtual reality to the next level, 1-Group, Smobler Studios and The Sandbox have combined their creative abilities to formalize the wedding of Clarence Chan and Joanne Tham.

This Singaporean couple celebrated their 1970s disco glamor liaison on September 17 at the metaverse‘s “Alkaff Mansion.”

This 1-Group Mansion, in the purest European style with a Spanish touch, has hosted some of the most representative weddings in Singapore in recent decades. With its sweeping balustraded staircase, leafy canopies, and vast porches, this mansion is a prime setting for weddings, both in real life and in fiction.

The wedding guests were treated to a virtual dream world where they could see 1970s-themed pixel avatars created in the image of Sebastien Borget, who officiated the wedding and is the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox. .

In the hybrid ceremony, halfway between reality and the virtual, the avatars sealed their vows customized according to their real personalities and wedding outfits. To celebrate this great event, they had their first kiss in the metaworld as spouses.

After this emotional moment and after leaving the attendees speechless with a breakdance dance, the couple left virtually leaving their guests to continue enjoying the event.

1-Group , headquartered in Singapore, is the leading independent hospitality company with a diverse portfolio of exciting new concepts, including restaurants, chic cafes, trendy bars and clubs, romantic wedding and ceremony venues, as well as for corporate events, all of them deserving of awards. The company has seen first dates, anniversaries, birthday parties, and even funerals.

For its part, Smobler Studios is dedicated to metaverse architecture, also based in the country. She specializes in creative innovation, design, thinking, brand marketing, and metaverse development for The Sandbox Game.

VIP zones included

Web3 allows us to gift attendees things like passes, NFTs (non-expendable tokens), which allow us to provide token-protected utilities like VIP access areas or special badges… this enhances the overall wedding experience ,” commented the co-founder Loretta Chen.

Marriages and lawsuits in the metanarrative. Legal services are being integrated into the Web3. As the global ecosystem continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, so do the use cases associated with this niche. In a surprising development, a top Singaporean minister noted that matrimonial legal proceedings, trials and government services could in future be carried out through the platforms.

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg first mentioned it, everyone has been talking about the metaverse as a perfect virtual place where anyone can socialize, play games, relax, and enjoy life without obstacles . It is a form of digital reality designed with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. The additional functionalities can be very varied, from 3D modeling for designers to cryptocurrency exchange for miners or gamers. The objective is to offer an attractive user experience in a fictitious environment, but realistic enough.

In recent years we have witnessed the mobile internet revolution, which has allowed us to access online applications and social ecosystems from anywhere in real time. The key to the metaverse is that access to these virtual environments is an immersive experience.

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