Huawei Watch GT 3: mistakes and successes of the candidate for the best smartwatch of the year.

We analyze this smart watch from all its spheres

It must be recognized that Huawei is synonymous with innovation and Google’s veto has done a lot of damage, not only to the Chinese manufacturer, but also to consumers and other brands that were inspired by the competition that Huawei proposed to grow, in terms of features and design. Even so, the aforementioned veto affects smartphones quite a bit (although it is not decisive), but smart watches much less. And the Huawei Watch GT 3 is an example. Basically and initially, it is a watch with two size options: 42 and 46 millimeters. For tastes, colors. Both have a neat appearance of analog clock but of very good quality. The front dial is made of stainless steel, the back dial is made of polymer fiber and has ceramic coatings. Everything speaks of quality and classic aesthetics:there are not so many buttons on the sides, in fact the one on the right can be configured for the task that we assign to it and the crown allows us to move through the menu very easily. In this sense, everything works intuitively and you don’t need tutorials, just a little time to play with the gadget.

It also has the speaker to listen to messages, music and receive calls and a microphone. I said, aesthetic and ascetic. The battery is a success: a week of duration and it charges in an hour and a half. And we talk about a week if the use is intense, because otherwise, with basic use, it can be extended twice. It is also worth noting that the strap (there are leather, rubber, silicone) have a standard closure size, so if we have one that we really like, just change the one that comes with the watch and move on.

All virtues? Not that much. It lacks NFC , so fans of payments by this means will have to get out their wallet or phone. It also lacks an update to respond, at least with default messages, to the WhatsApp that arrives, something that the previous versions did have. Another aspect in which it rows against the current is in the availability of third-party applications (damn veto). For example Spotify cannot be downloaded. And the App Gallery still doesn’t have much on offer. It is true that you can take some shortcuts and download from the mobile to the watch… some. But ideally we don’t have to do this. Despite this, it should be noted that it is compatible with iOS and Android and has no problem playing with any operating system.

This is true that it can put some people off. Now, what makes the Huawei Watch GT3 very interesting as a gadget is its use for sports . Many smart watches give data and with that they throw miles. The Huawei Watch GT3 has its own module, the PPG Huawei TruSeen 5.0+, which integrates the heart rate sensor and the pulse oximeter and has 8 photodetectors (responsible for the measurements) and they are double the previous generation. And this efficiency is noticeable. To this we must add that when we are doing sports we cannot stop to look at the watch because the sun hits it full, because the screen is small, because the numbers are ephemeral… The watch has an AMOLED screen that is proof of everythingthis: it’s brilliant in the most demanding conditions and when it goes from light to dark or vice versa, it automatically adjusts, a peace of mind that you don’t have to adjust the conditions all the time. The screen is robust and resists the bad things that are thrown at it, such as submerging it to a depth of 50 meters. It’s fast on touch and easy to customize.

But it is inside where it is surprising: it has up to 100 different modes for sports . Yes, it is true that it does not have horse riding in a submarine and that it lacks a harpoon launch with a slingshot, but that it has the usual ones plus golf, skiing and other activities is a luxury. And, again, it’s easy to select. The “annoying” thing may be having to search for the sport we do among the hundreds of options. Have chosen to run or swim.

The heart constants are measured every five minutes quite accurately (spoiler: it is not a medical device) and it also measures the level of oxygen in the blood in real time (spoiler: ditto above) but when it comes to practicing sports it is more than enough and They are a great help in evaluating performance. It also measures body temperature and offers us challenges to take care of our health. And, out of the blue, it’s a gorgeous watch. It is reassuring to carry it on the wrist when playing sports: it is not heavy, it is robust and resistant and it likes to go out in the mud. To listen to music we can import the files directly to the watch so we don’t have to carry the mobile and listen to them through the headphones. Integrated GPS chip works greatand for those of us who choose to run (biking, hiking and the like) it has an extra benefit: the reverse route function. Memorize the route we followed so we can retrace our steps. Perfect to discover a new place.

What if it’s worth it? If we are going to use it as a watch, no. If the goal is to pay for grocery shopping, movie tickets or send emoticons, either. Now, if it’s to kick it, it’s one of the watches of the year . And for $170 right now, it’s a bargain.

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