Can I return food in a supermarket?

In online purchases, the consumer has the right of withdrawal, so 14 days after the purchase you can return any product with some exceptions

Going to the supermarket to make the purchase is part of the daily life of millions of citizens. As a general rule, consumers tend to go “on the fly” to acquire those essentials that cannot be missing from their homes, although sometimes, not finding these products or wanting to try something new, they try to experiment with similar ones, which may not be to convince them or even not to be in the expected state. Therefore, when it comes to purchases made in a supermarket, can food be returned? What rights do consumers have? Are there any products that cannot be returned?

Returning a product in a food store will depend on the exchange and return policy of each establishment , since the law does not oblige businesses to allow exchanges or returns, as explained . However, despite the fact that it is not an obligation, most supermarkets and hypermarkets include a large part of their products within their policy.

Although perishable goods such as food or drinks cannot be returned, as long as they are in good condition. On the other hand, if there is a food that is not suitable for consumption or safe for health, such as seafood in poor condition, it would be allowed to be returned to the establishment along with the purchase receipt.

With regard to broken producers, consumers may request the establishment to reimburse the amount or to replace it with another that is in perfect condition . In order to continue with the operation, it will be necessary to have a purchase receipt that proves that circumstance.

In the case of a defective product , the establishment must change it or return the cost of the item. If the store refuses to make the return, it is advisable to try to resolve the conflict amicably, and if this is not achieved, the customer can request a claim form from the establishment, in addition to claiming damages, so that the establishment could face a sanctioning file.

If a person makes the purchase online, there is a right of withdrawal, that is, the consumer will have 14 days after the purchase to return any product that has been purchased remotely without any specific justification. In order to continue with this operation, it is essential that the invoice or purchase receipt is presented together with the product to be returned.

After making the return, the supermarket will verify that the products are in good condition in order to reimburse the corresponding amount . Likewise, the business will be obliged to bear the initial shipping costs, for which they will also return this amount to the consumer.

However, in online purchases there is an exception regarding returns, since those perishable products that can deteriorate or expire quickly are not included in the right of withdrawal .

What cannot be returned in a supermarket?

In addition to the previously mentioned products, they excite another series of items that cannot be returned:

  • Sealed products : In the event that the person has unsealed them, this item cannot be returned.
  • They are not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons.
  • Copyright: Items cannot be returned due to copyright protection such as music or video games.
  • Products mixed inseparably with other goods : Those items that after delivery have been mixed and cannot be sawn cannot be returned, as may be the case of alcoholic beverages.
  • Magazines or newspapers : These publications cannot be returned as they are highly frequented products.
  • Customized products.
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