American universities look for talent in Madrid

Studying a university degree is not always compatible with developing a sports career due to the hours of dedication and effort that both require when certain levels are reached. So young people are faced with the dilemma between choosing between their studies or making their way in professional sports. The USA is one of the countries where high-level sports can be combined with university studies and, in addition, there is the possibility of obtaining a scholarship that subsidizes all higher studies at the best American universities while developing a sports career.

The possibility of fulfilling the American dream is now open for many young people, since next Thursday , October 14, ten High Schools will open the possibility of studying in famous American institutions.

It is an unprecedented event in our country in such a way that prestigious centers will distribute more than two million dollars in scholarships for talents between 11 and 18 years old who are selected.

The ten American institutions will actively participate in the search for new talent in an event organized by Awex Education , an organization dedicated to offering support to young people so that they can study at universities or colleges in the US or Canada.

The event will feature presentations, the participation of American visitors and first-hand testimony from students and family members who have had the opportunity to live the experience first-hand.

The young people who attend will be able to carry out personal interviews with the institutions that they like the most and will have the opportunity to collect more data or solve all their doubts, as reported by the organization that presents the event.

In this way, the capital will witness for the first time a casting for athletes and students who will be guaranteed one of the 60 available scholarships worth more than two million dollars for the simple fact of attending the event, as explained organizers.

Of course, the only requirement that must be met is that students have more than a six on average in their respective schools and with an average level of English . Although “the better the profile, the better the opportunities,” they say.

Ā«An act of this magnitude has never been held in Spain and the objective is to fulfill the dreams of the youngest and their families with the possibility of studying in the best colleges and universities in the world. More than 60 scholarships to be distributed, valued at 40 thousand dollars each and with the presence and representation of American High Schools and Universities, will make this event a great pioneering event in our country”, explains William Touchard, general director of Awex Education .

The event on October 14 will be complemented by another of a sporting nature that will take place on Sunday the 17th and in which various basketball tests are organized in the morning and football in the evening, and in which young talents who want to develop their sports career combined with studies.

In addition, the organizers assure that “there will be interesting offers and meetings by the prestigious American Colleges and Universities.”

American Dream Scholarship

On the other hand, Awex Education has assured that it also wants to give the opportunity to great national talents with the possibility of obtaining the American Dream Scholarship by Miguel Yuste, which will distribute 50 scholarships of 60 percent bonuses to the best profiles that are presented through your web form.

Like Miguel Yuste, who went through one of the Awex Education High Schools and was able to fulfill his dream of studying Biomedical Engineering at Yale University and who currently works in Spain in one of the leading companies in the sector, “other young Spaniards will have the opportunity to fulfill their dream, get a training available to very few lucky people and become great professionals in their respective professionsĀ».

Online registration

Finally, it is planned that two 100% subsidized scholarships will be distributed each year for the most outstanding profiles that are presented at this call.

These scholarships would cover all the expenses of accommodation, meals, sports, activities, flights and medical insurance as they are valued at more than 120,000 dollars.

Interested people from anywhere in Spain can also register online for the event on the 14th, with the intention of opting for one of the 50 possible places with a guaranteed scholarship. To do this, prior registration, there will be a streaming broadcast through the Awex Education Twitch and YouTube channels.

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