CyberOne, Xiaomi’s humanoid robot that walks, talks, recognizes the environment and emotions

The automaton took the stage during the Xiaomi event in which it presented its new product catalog

Xiaomi has been taken the lead from Elon Musk. The owner of Tesla is planing to present his first humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot, to the world next month, but the Chinese company has surprised at the presentation event of its new mobile phones and smart watches. Between gadget and gadget, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi is giving way on stage to CyberOne, the first humanoid robot of the Chinese company . He was walking up to Jun, handed her a flower, rehearsed their kung-fu moves, exchanged a few words, and took a selfie before CyberOne left the stage .

CyberOne is a humanoid robot 1.77 meters tall and 52 kilograms in weight that can walk at a speed of 3.6 kilometers per hour and lift objects of up to one and a half kilograms with each hand. Mechanically, it is much more complex than the CyberDog that Xiaomi’s robotics division was introduced last year. This automaton has 21 movement points , with a response speed of 0.5 milliseconds in each of them. For its operation, Xiaomi has been developing a motor of only 500 grams , which the CyberOne is using in the upper part of its body, with a nominal output torque of up to 30 Nm ., while the hip joint motors are capable of an instantaneous maximum torque of up to 300 Nm , as well as a humanoid bipedal control algorithm for its movements that guarantees the flexibility of its movements, its coordination and stability.

But the most interesting thing about a humanoid robot is not so much how it moves but how it is relating to the world around it and, above all, to people. Xiaomi has been developing what it calls a Mi-Sense “ deep vision module ” that, combined with an “ AI interaction algorithm ”, that allows you to perceive the space around you in a three-dimensional way.

For its interaction with humans, it has a “MiAI environment semantic recognition engine” as well as a “MiAI voice emotion identification engine”. The combination of both software allows you to recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 human emotions . According to the company, CyberOne is capable of detecting moods such as happiness or sadness and can even comfort the person with whom it interacts. Its “face” is incorporating a curved OLED screen that shows various types of information in real time.


CyberOne. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Xiaomi.

For Xiaomi, the main challenge when building humanoid robots is to simulate the human processes of perception, cognition, decision making and their execution in different situations. “ We believe that intelligent robots will definitely be part of people’s lives in the future ”, said the CEO of Xiaomi.

CyberOne combines cutting-edge technology from a variety of areas including bionic perception and cognition, biomechatronics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and visual navigation. The company is hoping that these technological advances could be used, in the future, to improve the mechanical performance of industrial robots , companion robots that can recognize emotions, and public service robots powered by big data and cloud computing.

CyberOne, seen naturally during the presentation of Xiaomi.

CyberOne, seen naturally during the presentation of Xiaomi. PHOTO:  (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Xiaomi.

CyberOne is more of a technological development than a commercial product with a release date. The company is estimating that its production would cost between 86,000 and 100,000 dollars per unit .

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