How to choose the perfect sofa for your living room!

It is the indispensable companion of relaxation, it pampers us while we stop to read or watch TV, offers us support when we feel the need for a short restorative nap and welcomes us together with our guests to give us some pleasant time in company. Who is?

Obviously the sofa!

Are you furnishing your home and you have to buy your next sofa, or do you have to buy it because your beloved sofa is out of date? Then don’t pick one out of many at random, maybe just because he hit you in a photo. There are several criteria you need to consider when choosing your next sofa, here they are.

How to choose the new sofa

Your personality, your favorite style, the type of home you are going to place it in and the space available are all important factors to consider before pressing the buy button.

Space available

The first thing to consider is the space you have available in the area where you have decided you will put your new sofa. The most beautiful and most comfortable sofa in the world will never make you happy if it is oversized compared to the free space. You must also be able to move freely in the room without obstacles, otherwise it would become your greatest source of stress rather than a relaxing companion!

3 seater fabric sofa

If space is limited, it is better to narrow the choice between the 2-seater sofa models and, among these, to prefer those with slim armrests that leave more room for the seat. If space is not a limit, however, the possibilities increase, you can look at 3-seater sofas or even put two sofas together and create a comfortable living room to live in company. In this case the sofas, preferably of the same length, can be placed one in front of the other, or placed side by side in an L shape, even of different sizes.

In these compositions the ideal final touch is given by a large rug and a coffee table placed right between one sofa and another. In this case, to obtain a truly satisfying, as well as comfortable result, it is always a good idea to choose the size of the rug based on the area delimited by the sofa. In particular, in the living room you should place the sofa completely on top of the carpet, or if you prefer, make sure that it at least covers it with the front feet.

modern design carpet

To avoid it being a hindrance or not too beautiful to look at, never leave space between sofas and armchairs and carpet. Here are some references that will be useful for you in choosing the size:

  • keep at least 60 cm between the sofa and the back wall to allow free passage.
  • If the sofa will furnish an open space living area, remember to keep it separated by at least 120 cm from the table.
  • If you choose the solution of the two sofas facing each other, keep them at least 170 cm apart.
  • If you do not want to give up the classic coffee table, leave it about 50 cm from the sofa, you will be able to use it comfortably and you will also have a comfortable passage.

What use will you make of your sofa?

Depending on the use made of the sofa, there are shapes that satisfy more than others. It seems trivial but it is not. Think about it, not all of us sit on the sofa in the same way, depending on how you do it you will choose the shape, texture and material of the upholstery.

Should it be a space dedicated exclusively to conversation or also to moments of relaxation? Should the sofa be placed in a separate room or does it function as a divider between the living room and the dining area?

A sofa with a narrow seat and a straight and sustained backrest is more suitable for getting comfortable but composed to read or converse with friends. A sofa with a deep seat, which has soft armrests and a well-padded backrest, even better if with a corner structure with Chaise longue, is instead the ideal choice for those who love to indulge in lying down while watching their favorite movies and series.

The corner or L-shaped sofas are the most used for an open space living area with an open kitchen.

blue corner sofa

Sofas for those who need space

A strategic move for those who live in a small house is the choice of a sofa bed. Imagine living in a two-room apartment, but for the most diverse reasons you are far from your parents or your children, from a sister, a brother or your best friend. Wouldn’t you like to be able to invite whomever you want without forcing them to sleep in a sleeping bag or send them to a hotel?

To gain more space, you can always think of putting a comfortable container bed, such as Sommier Matrimonial, Carolina, Antonietta in the bedroom, while for the living room there is always the possibility of choosing a single container bed like Sunny, which with its side opening, with the help of some cushions, it can also be used as a comfortable sofa.

2 seater sofa bed

Choosing the sofa: style and color

The choice of a sofa cannot disregard the style of the rest of the living room furniture. The shapes, the materials, the colors are all factors that should be selected thinking of the environments as a whole.

Not only the design should be considered, the colors of the sofa are also important and in the choice it is necessary to devote the same attention paid to the combination of the colors of walls, floors and furniture. However, if once chosen, the design is strictly binding, there are some more possibilities for the color: you just have to choose a sofa with a removable cover, as well as being able to wash it whenever you need it. You can also change the upholstery to suit your mood or the new color you have chosen for the walls.

Type of sofa upholstery

The possibilities of choice are different, here your tastes and the sensations that the different materials give you on the skin come into play. The “washing factor” is also important when there are children or animals in the house.

  • Genuine leather is a quality material, one of the most resistant that can be used for a sofa. Genuine leather has the advantage of not getting dirty and being easy to clean, but on the other hand it requires careful maintenance with specific products, it generally has a higher cost and in the summer heat it does not offer a particularly pleasant sensation on the skin.
  • Faux leather costs less than real leather and is probably the easiest to clean upholstery. Unlike fabrics, it does not retain dust and can simply be wiped with a damp cloth or a dust-catching rag. In case of stains, it can be rubbed with a cloth and a non-aggressive detergent and then dried with a simple rag.
  • Regenerated leather: it is a mixed material, composed of 80% of waste leather, for the remaining 20% ​​of aggregates and synthetic materials. Its production resembles that of paper: it is in fact finely chopped, mixed with the aforementioned aggregating compounds (rubber, latex, cardboard) and mixed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained which is then worked into sheets, dyed if necessary, assembled and finally sewn. .
  • The most used natural fabrics are cotton and linen , generally offering a wider choice of colors, they are breathable and therefore more welcoming even in the hot season. On the other hand, fabrics retain dust and get dirty more easily. This is why it is important to choose a sofa with a removable fabric cover.
  • The most common synthetic fabrics are microfiber and alcantara , two materials with a beautiful visual impact, but which, like fabrics, retain dust and get dirty easily. Alcantara and microfibre can be easily washed in the washing machine but must necessarily be dried naturally.

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