5 Sophisticated Features That May Appear On The Toyota Innova Hybrid

PT Toyota Astra Motor or TAM is scheduled to launch Toyota Innova Hybrid in late November 2022. The long-awaited vehicle is said to be equipped with a number of excellent new features.

According to the information that detikOto received from Toyota sellers in South Jakarta, Hybride Innova will be available through three different variants namely G, V and Q. While the cheapest price is expected to start at IDR 455 million with the status on Jakarta road .

The rather expensive price tag certainly makes us wonder, what new features and technologies will Toyota introduce in the Innova Hybrid? So, let’s not be curious, let’s describe one by one.

New features that may be in Innova Hybrid

Panoramic sunroof

According to information from the same source, the Innova Hybrid will be equipped with a panoramic sunroof. Thus, the driver and passengers can enjoy the beautiful view towards the ceiling.

However, not all types of Innova Hybrid will be equipped with a panoramic sunroof. Only V and Q types have this feature. While the G type which is the lowest variant will not get it.

Captain’s seat

Especially for the highest variant or the type Q, the manufacturer provides the Innova Hybrid with captain’s chairs in the second row. Similar features are usually found in luxury cars.


Already seen in the new Raize, Veloz and Vios, an advanced safety feature called Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) may also be present in the Innova Hybrid. Apparently, only the highest variant is loaded with the latest technology.

TSS yang tertanam di mobil Toyota terdiri dari Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Warning and Pre-Collision Braking, Forward Departure Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention, Pedal Malfunction Control, and Lights automatic road signs (AHB).


Innova Hybrid is also said to have telematics technology, namely T-Intouch. This feature provides digital connectivity experience in everyday life. The system can connect users to all Toyota services, to achieve certain service solutions and benefits.

Various services can be enjoyed by vehicle owners, ranging from Find My Car, Geofencing, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Information, E-Care, Driving Updates, roadside assistance and more.

Electric rear door voice command

In the highest variant, the Innova Hybrid will be coupled with a voice control technology called Power Back Door Voice Command. That’s a step further than the Power Back Door with foot sensor.

Because with this technology, vehicle owners can open the rear door via voice commands. So you don’t need to bother anymore.

Well, those are five advanced features that will most likely be present in the Innova Hybrid. However, it must be understood, detikers. Everything said above is still only conjecture. So there might be a difference.

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