Social Media Analytics: tools to analyze your presence on social media

Companies present on social media are numerous and seek, through the creation of content and interaction with the public, to achieve business objectives . Not all of them manage to achieve the desired success or the desired results. To understand the mistakes made, you need to study your business, how it is received by users and develop a strategy based on the analysis of the data in your possession.

What it means to do Social Media Analytics

 Doing Social Media Analytics means having a clear idea of ​​how much budget is invested in social activity, how many resources are used, how much time it takes, which channels and contents perform best and what the actual impact is on the company.

For social media managers it is necessary to show project managers, clients and customers the result of their work , to be able to identify any critical issues and opportunities and to understand how to better distribute the resources in their possession.

Analyzing your presence on social media can appear complex, as there are so many aspects to take into consideration . On the web there are tools, free or usable with a subscription, which can be of support to this important activity. Each is suitable for studying one or more moments of the social media marketing strategy launched by businesses, freelancers and organizations of all kinds.

Social Media Analytics: which data to study to analyze the presence on social networks

 The types of data that can be analyzed to study and evaluate one’s presence on social media are different. It is possible to obtain information on the performance of the platforms , on their own performance compared to those of the competitors and on the quality of the contents.

A distinction can be made between quantitative analyzes and qualitative analyses . The former make it possible to study all the concretely measurable activities. For example, information can be obtained on the number of people reached on social media or the amount of interactions aroused.

Through likes, comments, impressions and followers, the notoriety of a page on social media can be established.

You can evaluate the user involvement rate, the number of clicks on published links, the views obtained on shared videos or the performance of paid advertising campaigns .

Qualitative analyzes study what is more intangible and return a description of the perception that web users have of the brand, organization or professional. You can study the tone of voice adopted to make it consistent on each platform and with the image you want to convey to the public , the positioning or the quality of the content.

It is extremely useful for analyzing user sentiment , i.e. the set of opinions that people active on social media have on certain issues, themes or events. This allows you to detect trends, satisfy audience requests, seize opportunities and inputs and stay constantly updated.

Social Media Analytics: tools available online to monitor presence on social networks

 Gathering information on all aspects of your online presence yourself can seem complicated and expensive. In addition to Google Analytics, one of the main and most effective analysis tools on the web, various solutions have been developed over time, free and easy to use, which can support the monitoring activity.

These are tools that can be used by social media marketing experts or by those who, despite not having large resources to invest, want to increase their online presence and understand how to improve performance .

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a complete social media management platform . It has various features, which allow you to study the target audience, capture social trends, monitor platforms and improve response times and interaction with the target.

With Sprout Social you can plan, schedule and publish content and access important analysis tools. The platform returns comprehensive metrics and provides automated and customizable reports. It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.


HubSpot is a popular application that allows you to carry out multiple digital marketing activities at the same time such as managing ads, sending emails and newsletters and creating quality content for different platforms.

It has valuable analysis tools. HubSpot grants linking of social accounts. It is possible to monitor mentions and conversations with users and quickly generate reports with the study of the metrics considered most important.


TapInfluence is the tool specifically created to monitor influencer marketing activities on social media. Automatically identify the metrics to detect to study the results deriving from collaboration with creators and well-known web personalities.


BuzzSumo is the application of choice for millions of marketers to create and manage online content . It has powerful monitoring tools that study competitor activity, the results obtained by the brand, current trends and influencers or opinion leaders with whom to start conversations and collaborations.


Snaplytics is the ideal tool for those who want to mainly use Instagram and Snapchat in their social media marketing strategy. Analyze Stories data, such as open rate, completion rate, and engagement rate.

Curalate e Keyhole

Curale is perfect for those who intend to sell products directly on Instagram and want to understand which articles generate the most profits. Monitor tags, mentions and returns metrics that can help in defining effective strategies. Keyhole facilitates the analysis of hashtags, identifies the moment in which it is more profitable to activate promotions and the most popular tags.

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