How to choose sunglasses: practical advice

Sunglasses are a truly indispensable summer accessory. How to regulate the choice? Today I will try to tell you mine, as always based on my experience and trying to give you some practical and easily applicable advice from all. So here’s a little guide for you on how to choose sunglasses!


Those who have followed me for a long time know this: I worked for several years in the world of eyewear, in the press office of one of the largest international companies in the sector. We often received requests for suggestions on how to match the glasses to the various face shapes and I myself helped to draw up some of those files, in which we periodically inserted the new models of the various collections. As always, theory is one thing and practice is one thing. And then there is another very important point that should not be underestimated: style and personal tastes. Glasses are a highly identifying accessory of a style and tend to connote it in a very specific way. This is why, more often than we think, the guides on how to wear them (… but I can assure you that it does not only apply to glasses!) Beyond a certain point they cannot go. That said, let’s see some useful advice together.

How to choose sunglasses: watch what you buy

Girls, pay attention to me on this point: the glasses must be put in front of the eyes. You use them to look through it. So, the fashion of the moment is fine, it is fine to give in to a particular model wanting to spend little, but, I beg you, do not skimp on the lenses! They must be of quality and quality lenses can be found at the optician. I recommend: you can seriously jeopardize the health of your eyes with a non-certified lens.

How to choose sunglasses: acetate or metal?

First thing to evaluate, which never names anyone, but which for me comes even before the stylistic advice: look at the material you choose for the frame!Here the advice is one: it depends on how much you wear them, how much you bear the weight on your ears and whether or not you wear a graduated lens (which weighs more). If you are used to wearing glasses normally, so a few grams more or less makes no difference, you can opt for large models in acetate, injected or plastic materials. Conversely, metal frames are usually much lighter and may bother you less. Even here, however, it is not a universal law: there are materials such as Optyl, which is very light, which weighs less on the ears and nose than certain metals. However, take into account the weight factor when making your choice.

How to choose sunglasses: large or small?

My advice here is to look at where the front comes in at the top and bottom . Regardless of the type of face you have, pay attention to whether or not it covers your eyebrow and whether or not it rests on your cheek or cheekbone: if you smile, it might bother you. Also keep in mind another thing: the caliber . Often the glasses are made in different calibers, that is to say in different “sizes”, slightly smaller or larger. If you realize that the frame rests on the cheeks, especially in the case of models such as pilots (those of aviator), ask if there is a smaller caliber: it could be the solution to the problem.

In principle, the important thing is that the front reaches either entirely above (thus covering it) or entirely under the eyebrow, that it is not halfway and that it does not rest on the cheek. On the side, however, it can also be wider than the face: the important thing is that the temple adheres to it, otherwise the glasses will fall.

How to choose sunglasses: the shape

It is usually said that a square face will love round or rounded glasses. Conversely, a round face will love square and rectangular cuts, while a cat eye glasses will widen the face outwards, with the aim of balancing the lines of the face. Well, that’s the theory, but in practice you could have a round face and love the John Lennon style, or a square face and love XXL diva glasses, or a small face and love the 50s look … so how do you manage? You adjust yourself thinking about your style and your personal taste : as I said above, the eyewear is extremely personal and it is a detail that contributes a lot to characterize your style, so don’t stop at the basic rule. Keep it in mind as a guideline, but have fun breaking it.

How to choose sunglasses: the color

The basic colors, black, havana, gold or silver metal, gray, brown or green smoked lenses are a classic with which you can hardly go wrong. But if you like the idea of ​​being daring, why not? Glasses are not an accessory that gets tired, years must really pass for them to go out of fashion and, indeed, often the styles return after a few decades, so, if you already have the basic, dare with an unusual color or shape (here, perhaps avoiding little hearts or stars, unless you are headed to Coachella or are under twenty).

Ultimately, as always in fashion, there are practical tips that can be kept in mind, but nothing replaces style and personal taste , especially in the choice of accessories such as glasses, but this applies to everything: do not think about watertight compartments. Fashion is an expression of our personality: it is we who transmit our way of being through what we wear.

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