Ten eco-gestures to save energy

On a day-to-day basis, simple actions can contribute to significant energy savings at the household level. In this way, we can reduce our energy consumption, whatever its nature, improve our purchasing power and participate in the energy transition effort which must be made widely. But what are these small gestures and good habits to adopt?

Energy All Inclusive has identified a few habits to adopt, which should lead to the achievement of energy savings. The challenge of the energy transition is indeed everyone’s business. Everyone can contribute by becoming an eco-citizen, by adopting the right gestures on a daily basis. The challenge in saving energy is to consume responsibly and wisely. And that starts with becoming aware, on a daily basis, of the energy we consume and the changes that can lead to less energy consumption.

Start by insulating your home

Heating accounts for 60% of the energy consumed in old, poorly insulated housing. One of the first eco-gestures to achieve energy savings is to reinforce the insulation of one’s home. The heat that does not escape, thanks to the improvement in the thermal resistance of your walls, is energy that must not be renewed. For an old house, attic insulation saves up to 30% of the energy consumed.

Lower your thermostat one degree

Reducing the temperature of its living rooms by one degree allows energy savings of up to 7%. We often tend to overheat. However, a minimal reduction in temperature does not necessarily affect the comfort of the home. We consider that 19°C in the living rooms and 17°C in the bedrooms are more than enough.

Maintain your heaters regularly

Carrying out regular maintenance of the heating system saves 8 to 12% of energy.

Set your water heater to 60°

By setting the temperature of your water tank or your water heater to 60°, you will limit energy and water consumption. Believe us, 60° is more than enough to meet most of your needs as long as the water heater is not too far from your bathrooms. If you have young children, this also helps to limit the risk of burns. 

Limit hot water consumption

A lot of energy is spent on heating the water. By taking care to reduce your hot water consumption, you directly save energy. For example, it is advisable to favor showers over baths. You can also consider washing at low temperature. You will obtain completely clean laundry and dishes by setting your machines to low temperatures, at 30°C or 40°C. 

Cool your home without air conditioning

While it is important to limit your heating consumption, during hot weather, you can also reduce the energy needed to supply the ventilation systems. For this, it is recommended to:

  • Close shutters and blinds on hot days
  • Close the windows during the day and open them at night
  • Growing plants at home. They will create shadows and bring a feeling of freshness.

Don’t leave your devices on standby

Electrical appliances on standby continue to consume electricity. The easiest way is still to unplug your electrical appliances when you are not using them, especially when you go on vacation.

Reduce your heating when you don’t need it

Are you going on vacation? Place your boiler in “frost protection” mode. It will continue to run at minimum speed to prevent damage to the heating system. Connected objects also allow you to activate or deactivate your heating devices remotely. No need to leave the heating on all day when you are away to find comfortable warmth when you return home. All you have to do is reactivate it remotely two hours before you go home.

Opt for more economical heating equipment

Replacing your boiler with a more recent, more efficient installation, based on renewable energies, also allows you to make significant energy savings.

Carry out the energy renovation of your home

TotalEnergies, with its My All-Inclusive Energy offer, helps you carry out your energy renovation projects. This energy transition assistance program allows you to identify the energy renovation projects to be carried out in your home, to get in touch with a professional installer near you and to directly access all the assistance available. to carry out these projects leading to the achievement of energy savings.

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