Selena Gomez: from her descent into hell to convalescence, the star confides in her depression in the docu series

Diagnosed as bipolar in 2016 after a series of crises which prevented her from going on stage, the young singer has since been involved in highlighting the subject of mental health, hence this documentary which shows depression in all its facets. , from the descent into hell to healing.

It is an evil still too often taken lightly and which nevertheless affects, according to the WHO, 280 million people on the planet, an evil that Selena Gomez has decided to show. At 30, the American actress, singer and superstar has been working for almost a quarter of a century.

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Revealed at seven years old in Disney series, she became a hit machine, until the break, until she could no longer go on stage and be diagnosed as bipolar. It is this episode of his life that shows the documentary which will be released on November 4 on Apple TV, My mind and me ., a documentary that she hopes will be useful for all those who, like her, are struggling with mental health problems… who are not seen. And that’s the whole point of her film since when filming started, Selena Gomez was apparently doing very well, she was beaming, chained tours and albums. At the time, the goal was just to make a documentary for his fans. And then she collapsed. And the director who followed her every day filmed everything. The crises, the respiratory arrests, the hospital, the physical transformation, the near death, and finally the care, the return to the surface…

It was 2016, and it was too intimate. Selena Gomez ended up revealing what had happened to her, she spoke about mental health in her interviews, the effects that societal and family pressures can have on everyone, social networks too, where behind smiles can appear injunction and harassment. She was invited to the White House by Joe Biden to talk about it, and she even launched a program to better take depression into account at school, detect it and help young people who suffer from it. And that’s how the idea of ​​the documentary came back.

What was supposed to show behind the scenes of a star’s life has become a plea for the recognition of mental disorders. Selena Gomez Says She Doesn’t Like Watching Some Scenes, She Can’t, But She Decided To Show Her Vulnerability So Others Know They’re Not Alone, And That there are tracks to go up the slope, to heal, to revive, ” because in the end , she told Vanity Fair , if I’m still here, it must be for something, it’s to help others to express themselves “.

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