Saturday’s gadget: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, a mobile in search of a proper name

The latest terminal of the legendary brand has premium smartphone DNA and the best of each house… what could go wrong?

The first thing is justice: a joy that a mythical brand like Motorola is returning to the first places. They were responsible, back in the 1980s, for launching the famous DynaTAC, one of the first mobiles on the market: a brick weighing one and a half kilos with a range of half an hour and taking 10 to charge. Little more than a decade later they was launching the “first” foldable, the Motorola StarTAC and from there the fall began. Nokia first, then Samsung and Apple and then Chinese brands were relegating it to somewhere in the middle. But a few years ago they was starting a comeback campaign and their latest product is giving a lot to talk about: the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra .

Let’s go by parts. As far as design is concerned, its large screen size (6.7 inches, with OLED in the last name ) and curved profiles stand out. It also has a refresh rate of 140 Hz (the image is updated 140 times per second). It comes in a monochrome version (black or white) and a suitable weight for its size. The materials are of quality and it is noticeable at first glance that it points to the penthouse sector of the table: the highest.

Its interior also stands out for several factors. 4,610 mAh battery, with 125 W fast charging and 50 W wireless (yes, it charges this phone faster in wireless mode than the iPhone 14 with cable). And the answer is yes: it includes the charger. In the brain it handles the latest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It adds a memory of up to 12 GB for the RAM sector and up to 512 GB for the storage section. Motorola’s minimal layers in the operating system (Android, doubt offends) make it very fast.

Premium design on all sides, it's the Edge 30 Ultra

Premium design on all sides, it’s the Edge 30 Ultra PHOTO by Motorola

And we come to one of the most mentioned claims: the camera. The main one has three lenses with 12 MP sensors (very decent), a wide angle with a 50 MP macro option (very, very good) and a 200 MP sensor… “I throw the house out the window”. The set (processor, design, battery and camera) is a luxury, with the most advanced of each house. If we add to that a very competitive price of 899 euros, the temptation is very strong for those looking for this type of mobile, since it is the best (without a doubt) quality/price marriage. But therein lies the main problem with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: it has the best of each house, but for now it lives for rent, we could say. We are those over 35 who remember the glory days of this house (which will be a century in 6 years) and now it is making its way into a very competitive market in which not only features, design or price count: also the most recent past has a specific weight. And this is where many do not place Motorola in the reigning high-end duo.(read Samsung and Apple). The strategy to dress up this phone is very good, the price adjustment is very successful: it has the best and is the cheapest. Because otherwise you can’t break through.

Hopefully the strategy will be fertile for Motorola: it would force the aforementioned couple to update and innovate (especially Apple) and that way we all win, regardless of the mobile we have.

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