Khloé Kardashian says that a tumor has been removed from her face: “Grateful that we detected it soon”

When she was 19 years old, Khloé Kardashian underwent surgery for a melanoma on her back. So when she noticed a small lump on her cheek a few months ago, she decided to go to the doctor. And her lump turned out to be a tumor that has now been removed. A story that the businesswoman, influencer and reality TV star has now been encouraged to share with her millions of followers on social networks (only on Instagram she has 276 million) “to remind everyone to get check-ups, and frequently” .

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Kardashian, 38, has wanted to tell her story and her fears after the tumor was detected, while sharing close-up images of her face. “I’ve seen numerous stories about the bandage on my face and people wondering why I’ve been wearing one for the past few weeks,” the series of posts begins. Comments, some, that even referred to a new cosmetic surgery operation. “After noticing a small lump on my face and assuming it was something as small as a pimple, I decided to have a biopsy seven months after realizing it wasn’t moving.” He underwent two biopsies, performed by different doctors, who agreed that the lump was very strange for someone Kardashian’s age, who turned 38 in June. “A few days later they told me that I needed an immediate operation to remove a tumor from my face,” continues his publication, in which he adds the name of the surgeon from Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, California) “who knew that he would take incredible care” of his expensive. A not insignificant detail for someone who also earns many millions with his appearance and the advertising campaigns he stars in.

A “dangerous and significant” tumor, as described by his surgeon, Garth Fisher, who has also talked about the story on his social networks. “Dear Khloé, I am so sorry that you needed a procedure that required the removal of a dangerous and significant tumor on your face. For me it was as if I was operating on my own daughter. I was so honored that you put your trust in me and my team, and tremendously relieved that we removed it all and that you can now move on. You are beautiful, and you have a heart of gold. Now let’s get that scar to heal well, and be careful not to get too much sun, “recommends Dr. Fisher. A message that Kris Jenner, Khloé’s mother and millionaire representative of all her children, has not hesitated to share on her Instagram account,

“I am grateful to share that my doctor was able to remove it all – the entire area appears to be clear and we are now in the healing process. So here we are… You’ll still see my bandages and when I’m allowed, you’ll probably see a scar (and an indentation on the cheek from the tumor removal), but until then I hope you enjoy how pretty these bandages look. Khloe continues.

“At 19, I had a melanoma on my back and also had surgery to remove it, so I have a predisposition to melanomas. Even those who are not, we must review ourselves all the time, ”urges Kardashian, co-founder of Good American, a fashion firm based mainly on denim and that promotes the inclusion of all sizes. “I am someone who wears sunscreen every day, religiously, so no one is exempt from these things. Please take this seriously and have yourselves regularly examined, as well as yearly check-ups.”

“I am very grateful that we caught this early. I’ve been lucky and all I have is a scar to tell a story with. Most people are not as lucky as I am and I will always be grateful, ”she acknowledges. These messages are followed by stories in which he mentions his two dermatologists and his surgeon, a not inconsiderable promotion by a Kardashian with 276 million followers—her sister Kim, for example, pocketed $250,000 for an advertisement on Instagram , although in that case fraudulently and for which it has recently been fined a millionaire figure—. Khloé also has a special thanks to her makeup artist, Ash K. Holm, whom she thanks for her work, the bandage has gone almost unnoticed,

Much has been said in recent weeks about Khloé Kardashian. Everything that the celebrity says or does, like her sisters, becomes news, although not always for the better. After making headlines around the world for her love life, she recently did so because of the criticism she drew for posing with her newborn second child in her arms in a hospital bed as if she had given birth, when the little one was gestated by surrogate mother. That moment she has already been seen in the new season of the family reality show. It remains to be seen if this recent medical scare also ends up being part of the program, although it is certain that she will no longer raise so many expectations, because in this case she has decided to get ahead of herself on her social networks.

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