How to create an effective social media advertising campaign

Small and large businesses have understood the importance of being present on social media in order to establish a relationship with their customers and to find new ones. Attracted by the simplicity offered by the various platforms in launching advertising campaigns, many publish announcements and advertisements, but not all achieve the desired success.

To ensure that all the desired objectives are achieved with an advertising campaign on social networks, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the platform used, to have knowledge and skills concerning social advertising and experience in the sector.

You can rely on freelance experts, give responsibility for social network activities to a specialized and integrated team in the same company or outsource the work by choosing advertising or communication agencies. 

Small artisans and freelancers with few resources can decide to independently start advertising activities on social networks. To be fully aware of what is being done online, it is important to know what an advertising campaign is, what effects to expect and how to set one up correctly.

1. Advertising campaigns on social networks: what they are

An advertising campaign involves sending one or more messages to a more or less large group of individuals, with the aim of making them take an action, adopt a behavior or let them know something.

Advertising campaigns can be launched on traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards and others), on the web or a mix of communication channels can be chosen to achieve a pre-set goal.

If the same company uses several means of communication for a communication campaign, the messages transmitted must be adapted to the channel, but also maintain consistency in content and tone of voice.

Different professional figures intervene in the world of online advertising: social media managers, marketing specialists, copywriters, web designers, web analysts and many others. Depending on the resources available, you can decide how many and which professionals to involve.

Starting a social media advertising campaign can be very beneficial. You can target the audience by choosing precisely the characteristics that the people who will receive the message must possess. In this way the investment will be optimized , avoiding that the advertisements are viewed even by those who are not interested in or do not need the products or services offered by the company.

With online advertising it is possible to know in real time the results that are being obtained , by making changes or blocking all the actions that are not giving the desired results. Once completed, the campaigns can be studied through the data released by the platforms or obtained from external tools, in order to be able to replicate the successful ones or make strategic improvements to future ones.

2. Social advertising campaign: set goals

 Anyone who starts an advertising campaign on social media dreams of achieving good results. It’s increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and convince them to make a purchase. Web users receive different inputs every day and only the most interesting and captivating ones remain in their memory .

To start creating a successful campaign, it is important to establish precisely the objectives you want to achieve. They must be SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

Brands that choose to advertise on social networks often want to prompt users to take an action: click a link, complete a purchase, sign up for a newsletter and more. They can act to increase awareness and brand recognition or to inform or educate, for example campaigns carried out by non-profit associations.

Many social platforms, such as Facebook, optimize the resources invested based on the goal they claim to achieve. Identifying it with awareness will allow you to avoid wasting time and money.

3. Social advertising campaign: study the public

Once you have established the goal to be achieved, it is good to determine the audience you want to reach and study it. In order to send relevant and attention-grabbing messages, you need to know the target: age, lifestyle, level of education, spoken language, interests, buying habits, tastes and platforms social media you use the most.

4. Social advertising campaign: analyze the context

We need to analyze the context . To promote a company or product, it is good to have as much information as possible on the sector it belongs to, on the activity of competitors, on the reference market and on the product or service. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of what is proposed to the customer is necessary to be able to set messages that motivate the purchase.

Once all the necessary information has been found , a strategy has been developed that is consistent with the objective to be achieved and the resources available, and the social networks to be used have been chosen, the contents to be submitted to the target can be created. The text part of the announcements and the multimedia elements, such as images and videos, must be treated in detail. Only in this way will it be possible to hit an increasingly demanding public.

5. Social advertising campaign: monitor the results

Once the campaigns have been launched, to evaluate their impact, it is necessary to constantly monitor the results that are being obtained and, in the event of negative deviations from what was expected, immediately make changes. 

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