Free dating apps VS paid dating apps, we talk to those who have tried them to find out their differences and if they are really worth it

If you are thinking of paying to meet someone, this is all you need to know

There is a whole world around dating applications , an evolution that, although it had been in our lives for some time, as a result of the pandemic and all the legacies that it has left us, such as teleworking , have proliferated at a rapid pace. vertiginous. But the truth is that although most of them are free (despite offering more functions for a fee), there are more and more paid-only applications appearing , which, as if they were old marriage agencies, offer to meet the love of your life at a reasonable price. price, and perhaps avoid f´´notice us like the dreaded ghosting or pocketing . But, having the free option, why are there people who are encouraged to pay?

To resolve this question, we specifically wanted to ask two users of some of the paid apps to find out what their experience has been, the differences they have found and if it is really worth it, and thus shed a little more light on this phenomenon. :

Caytlin, 33 years old and very knowledgeable about dating applications. After having tried the mythical Tinder to lesser known ones like Bumble, she decided to try a paid app, and this is her experience:

“If a person wants to meet people for one night stands or not to make any type of commitment, they are not going to pay when there are other apps that allow them to do it for free. People who pay in an app do so because they really want to meet someone and start a serious relationship, they are clear about what they are looking for and what they want ”.

Something similar led Silvia, 32, to start one of them: “I had been intermittently using free applications for a year, knowing very well what I was looking for and not finding it. I am separated and I have a 3-year-old daughter and I had very clear ideas for the man’s profile that she was finding in the free ones. I wanted to be able to talk to men without fear of talking about a serious relationship, individual perception of love and the concept of a couple, family, future, etc.”

What the two have agreed on is that in the paid apps you can see more profiles without an established limit, and also add greater filters that make profiles appear that have more points in common with you and what you are looking for. Additionally, paid apps go a step further and offer events for users to meet people in person. In the free ones you give many likes and many conversations never start, in my experience in the paid one the likes I gave all ended in conversation at least and with interest.

And as for the million dollar question, is it easier to find a serious and stable relationship paying than for free?

Caytlin tells us that she has found more profiles of people who specify in their profile that they want a serious relationship in the paid app. something similar to the case of Silvia, who firmly believes that the mere fact of being paid already acts as a filter in that those of us who have come to pay is because we are clear that we are looking for something serious and we are tired of temporary relationships. We don’t want them to waste our time.

Are there more quality people in these apps than in the free ones?

For Caytlin it depends on your preferences and profile. “Although I have found more people who want a serious relationship, the truth is that they do not fit my tastes or the profile of the person I am looking for. Tinder and Bumble if they can perhaps offer a profile of boys that tend to attract me more on a physical level, as well as on a personality or sociocultural level, but many of them are the ones who are not looking for something serious.

Silvia affirms that if you are looking for a serious relationship and you are clear about what you need in the other person, you are not afraid to say it and that is appreciated, finding good and clear people makes you breathe, even if the same later is left alone in a conversation or in a coffee because later it will be seen that you do not add up on important things. “Just being able to speak calmly and without fear of that and without bad words or borders gave me hope.”

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