Finance for new financiers: what training to choose based on your profile, according to Esade

Companies and institutions need professionals who know the latest technological advances

Fintech, Alternative Financing, blockchain, DeFi… The financial sector is being flooded with new terms, which are complex to understand in depth, and which have emerged within the framework of the digital economy to make life easier for users. These advances are moving companies to hire new profiles and public institutions to legislate to favor a trustworthy ecosystem for all parties. Without going any further, the European Commission has been paving the way for several years to improve the financial sector while guaranteeing security for consumers and investors.

In 2018, Brussels approved an action plan for Fintech companies with the aim of promoting a more competitive and innovative European financial sector. That text included a series of measures that the EC intends to adopt to allow innovative business models to be scaled up on a large scale in the EU ; support the adoption of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or cloud services in the sector; and lastly, increasing cybersecurity and the integrity of the financial system. All this paints a picture in which the training and retraining of managers and professionals is imperative. Fortunately, the offer is wide and is adapted to the needs of each one.


“Organizations and institutions of all kinds need both managers and professionals to know the latest advances brought about by new technologies to add from the Finance area to the strategic objectives of a company. A knowledge that, in these times of economic recovery and internationalization of the economy, is essential to make a difference and move forward at the rate at which changes are implemented”, says Santiago Mínguez, director of the Executive Master in Finance at Esade, a program aimed at financial analysts or directors with more than four years of experience in the sector who want to receive complete executive training.

Executive Diploma in Finance

In order for professionals to develop as financial directors, Esade has its Executive Diploma in Finance. The program focuses on training with a comprehensive vision of the financial area with capacity and security in decision-making and will provide participants with the necessary tools to design and establish the most appropriate financial strategies for the reality of the company in its environment.

Thanks to the in/on methodology developed by Esade, which combines the best of the online and offline channels, the diploma will immerse the professional in an innovative ecosystem of experiential learning, which guarantees an immediate return and a high impact on skills development and professional growth.

Innovation in Finance: Fintech and Blockchain

Professionals and executives in the sector who want to understand technological advances and the emergence of new business models by Fintech and BigTech companies have the Innovation in Finance: Fintech and Blockchain program with which participants will learn to

measure the impact of new technologies in the banking value chain, recognize the new financial ecosystems and understand the potential of new technologies —artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, etc.— in the financial area.

Finance for Non-Financial

Program aimed at those executives who, not being specialized in finance, find it difficult to gauge risk if they do not have quantitative tools. At the end of the eight-week program, participants with a considerable level of leadership (CEOs, senior managers, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs) will be able to foster critical thinking about the different elements involved in financial management, understand the information provided by the financial statements, become familiar with the methods of valuing companies and determine the key elements that the scorecard must include from a financial point of view.

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