He wants more than friendship! 20 signs that prove it to you

How do you know if a friendship with a friend is turning into something more…romantic? What are the signs that could indicate that you are becoming more than friends? It can be hard to tell at first glance.

The minute before, you were laughing at the latest gossip with your best friend and the next minute you’re wondering if he’s about to lean over the couch to make out.

But before, after and between these two moments, there may have been many signals. It doesn’t matter the setup, whether your friend has a crush on you, you have a crush on them, or, let’s be crazy, you’re both super in tune and it’s only a matter of time before we start to get down to business.

This space of uncertainty can be really confusing, because friends are basically people who are close, loving, and caring for you.

Which may also be the kind of characteristics that people in a romantic relationship usually display. Pfff, hell!

Either way, no matter the circumstances or situation, be sure to respect your friend’s privacy and feelings.

To help you walk on less slippery ground and give you some clues about the likelihood of a romance in the air with a friend, here are some reliable indicators you should pay attention to.

1. He behaves differently with you

You notice that the way he treats you is different than your other friends. As if you were the most incredible and important person in the world for him.

He pays great attention to his appearance when he introduces himself to you, making sure to present himself well, to be elegantly perfumed and to express himself correctly.

You realize he’s really trying to impress you because you notice he doesn’t act like that at all when he’s around other people.

Also, when a man really loves a woman, he will use a special tone of voice. It’s not the one he uses to talk to his family or friends so pay close attention.

Does his voice get softer when he talks to you?

2. He knows your tastes

He knows your favorite dress, your favorite color and the kind of movies you like to see. In fact, he spends his time playing private detective in order to learn more about your tastes and the best way to wow you.

In fact, he may also buy you small gifts that he couldn’t resist, because he knows that they will make you smile and that they will suit you perfectly.

He just wants you to feel special, and he’s ready to show you in every way he can.

3. He teases you a little, a lot, madly

If he teases you a lot more than usual, watch out. Is he trying to flirt in a fun and cute way? If so, it seems clear that he is attracted to you.

Be aware that young men are most likely to use this tactic to demonstrate their interest.

However, if he acts like this with all the girls he hangs out with, it’s a sign to forget. But if you’re the only girl he likes to tease, chances are he has feelings for you.

Heckling a girl is pretty much the most advanced way to get her attention.

4. He really cares about you

Of course, when you’re friends with someone, it’s normal for them to be interested in you. He cares about your condition and what is going on in your life.

But when a man likes you more than just a friend, he starts to show you a lot more interest than before.

You notice the change in him (if you pay attention to when it happens), when he goes from friend to potential partner.

If he has feelings for you, he will start asking you more personal questions. It will dig into your childhood, find your favorite movies, or find the best way to cheer you up when you’re sad.

He’ll want to know all the little details about you that “normal” friends find out over time, not by asking.

5. He makes jokes about being in a relationship with you.

Another sign that he wants to be more than your friend is if he makes jokes about the two of you, imagining you as a couple.

It could be more serious than you think! This is often a way for guys to test the waters with a girl, as it’s easier to prank the excuse if they get an embarrassed reaction from her.

6. He seeks physical contact, but at the same time it bothers him

He is always looking for opportunities to touch your hand, give you a hug, or have any kind of physical contact with you. As casually and naturally as possible of course.

On the other hand, he might get nervous when you accidentally touch his hand. You see him blush when you hug him to thank him for being there for you and his body tenses when you lay your head on his shoulder.

And while he won’t admit it, he loves it when you straighten his hair.

7. He tries to be alone with you at every opportunity.

When you hang out with him, do you both hang out with other girls or even other people in general?

If not, it’s a pretty strong sign that can tell a lot.

When a guy is interested in a particular girl, he usually doesn’t spend time with other girls, let alone when he’s with you.

He will start planning activities for the two of you and just the two of you. You might find yourself watching movies together, going out for drinks as a duo, etc.

8. He interacts with you a lot on social media

Agreed, this is a sign that does not necessarily apply to all men on the planet.

Not everyone is interested in or uses social media. However, if a guy tags you in memes or shares stuff with you all day, it’s a good way to identify his feelings for you.

If he likes every photo or post you share, that could be another sign that he’s secretly in love with you. By being active on your accounts, he’s trying to show you that he’s there and that he likes you.

Most guys won’t take the time to do this sort of thing with girls they don’t really like.

9. He compliments you at every opportunity.

Yep, even on days when you’re wearing something ordinary.

He’s always amazed at your abilities, he compliments your intelligence, and he keeps saying how beautiful you are to make you feel good about yourself or to let you know that you really are beautiful to him. Or both !

You can’t remember a time when you saw him and he didn’t compliment you. A man like that always has sweet words for you and he can and really wants to make you feel special.

10. He avoids your gaze

You can feel him watching you, but every time you try to catch him in the act, he quickly looks the other way.

When you try to look him straight in the eye, daring him to meet your gaze, he always seems busy with something better to do.

And when you’re about to shift your attention in another direction, it’s there again, watching you.

11. He seems nervous when you’re around.

Analyze his behavior when you are not near him.

If it is someone who is nervous or restless, then this sign will not mean much. But if he’s usually a more confident and calm guy and in your presence he acts the opposite, that seems to be a good indicator.

He’s probably nervous about ruining everything.

So don’t give him too much trouble, because he already struggles a lot to impress you.

12. He calls and texts you all the time.

Friends call and text each other, that’s what makes them friends.

So, it’s up to you whether he sends you pretty normal and friendly messages as usual or if he sends you different messages from before.

One way to figure it out is to watch what it tells you about. If he’s messaging to make plans with you or about plans you’ve already made, nothing special is on the horizon.

On the other hand, if he texts you all the time, just to say hello or to talk about anything or if he finds excuses to call you a lot more than before, it’s a huge sign that he REALLY likes you.

13. He gets jealous

Not only does he get jealous when another guy approaches you, but he also acts jealous when you mention a guy you’ve been talking to recently.

He sees it as a threat, because it is possible that this other man steals you in front of his eyes.

So don’t be surprised if he gets angry when you talk about another man, even if you’re not officially dating.

It’s just his defense mechanism and he can’t control it. He tries his best to create the perfect impression, but he can’t fight his feelings.

So if that bothers you, talk to him and tell him you’re not dating and he can’t behave like that. On the other hand, if you think it’s okay, let him do what he thinks is right.

14. He is the first to notice subtle things about you.

Suddenly on the alert about you, you can be sure that he will be the first to comment on any subtle changes that occur.

Whether it’s a new haircut or eyebrow waxing, he’ll notice. No matter how subtle the change!

He knows how to differentiate your polite smile from your real smile; he may also notice small, subtle differences in your mood, such as when you’re happy instead of just “ok” or when you feel a little woozy but pretend everything is fine.

And if he notices things that even your other friends don’t, he’s really on the same page as you.

15. He acts like a real gentleman.

Well, for this sign, it can be a little tricky, because it’s going to depend on how he normally acts when he’s not around you.

There are men who are naturally charming and true gentlemen towards women, even when there is no romantic feeling behind them.

On the other hand, the others suddenly pull out all the stops with the idea of ​​charming this special person (yes, yes, we are talking about you). Just to impress you and convince you that they are worth it.

16. He integrates you into his surroundings

If he introduces you to his friends, it’s a good sign of his interest: he begins by integrating you with the people who are most important to him.

When you are with him and his friends, watch them carefully.

For example, if they start making subtle jokes and making fun of him and the jokes revolve around his attitude when he’s around you, he probably told them about you and they try (sometimes clumsily) to help him.

Do they smile when they see you? You know, kinda smirking, like they know something and you don’t?

Did he mention you to his family or did you hear other people close to him mention you?

If he does any of these things, it’s a sure sign that he likes you a lot.

17. He is always present

A man who wants more than friendship will go above and beyond when it comes to doing things for you, especially things that revolve around “taking care of you.”

You start mentioning that you need to install your new washing machine and before you even finish your sentence, he offers to help you. Are you moving soon? Without you even asking, it will be there to carry bulky furniture.

A man who has a crush on you will jump at the slightest opportunity to help you.

Sure, there are friends who are really nice and offer to help without a second thought, but usually they won’t rush to mow your lawn or make repairs to your house.

A man who always wants to help you is simply expressing that he wants some role in your life that goes beyond friendship.

18. He smiles stupidly when he sees you

If you notice that he smiles a lot when he’s around you, it could be a sign that he’s really into your spell.

Pay particular attention to the way his face lights up when he says hello to you for the first time today. That beaming smile will show you how happy he is to see you.

If he’s having a good time with you, he won’t be afraid to offer you a genuine smile, which he may have been hiding at first or which seemed less natural anyway.

19. He respects you, protects you, and is honest with you.

He respects your opinions, even if they are different from his. Your flaws? They may annoy him, but he won’t hold it against you for long.

Able to recognize your limits, he makes sure not to cross any.

He doesn’t use your weaknesses to his advantage and he understands when you’re busy and can’t share some of your time with him. Moreover, it perfectly respects the fact that you are a human being who sometimes needs space.

He is always there to save you when something bad happens in your life. Surely, he wants to be the first person you can count on when you have problems.

Willing to honesty, he tells you his past openly, without artifice. He won’t try to hide the bad parts of his life because he wants you to know the real him.

Most importantly, he likes to show you that he’s someone you can trust and isn’t shy about telling you when something’s bothering him. He will answer each of your questions honestly.

20. He really listens to you

He listens to every word you say, seems deeply absorbed as you speak. You’ll see him nod his head when he agrees with you and ask for clarification on a topic if he’s having trouble understanding it.

He doesn’t touch his phone at all when he’s with you.

If you tell a long rambling story (admit it, we’ve all done this before) and he sticks, bingo!

His attention to you shows that he is interested in what you have to say and not just because it’s your turn to speak. The way he listens is a pretty good indication of his interest

If you talk about buying toothpaste and he reacts like it’s the most exciting story he’s heard since you tried an organic deodorant, he’s definitely into you.

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