Expert tricks to maintain a tan in the fall and show off perfect skin

This season, the toasted skin is worn until December

With the arrival of autumn , our skin begins to lose color and tends to become duller and dimmer. The long-awaited tan of summer and that gave us so much vitality is beginning to disappear and we need to enjoy tanned skin throughout the year. But, for that, we must take into account a few tricks or expert tips that we must follow in order to prolong the tan during the autumn months , without losing the golden tone that it has left us during the summer .

When we talk about beauty, we talk about skin care and what better than talking to Amanda Bell, make up artist at Pixi Beauty, who has given us the perfect tricks to develop the perfect techniques to enjoy an ideal shade all year round.

Keep your tan every fall month

Keep your tan every autumn month 

Maintaining radiant skin all year round is very complicated, it is important to use vitamin C ( Vicky Martín Berrocal already said it ) and frequently use different treatments to keep the skin ready: ”To maintain your tan, a non-physical exfoliant it’s ideal (unlike a granular scrub), so ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid are perfect . I would recommend using a scrub 1-3 times a week in conjunction with vitamin C, with vitamin C try a form of vitamin C that brightens and revitalises, for example Pixi Vitamin C Tonic (daily) and Glow Tonic 3 times a week. ”, says the expert.

Vitamin C Tonic, by Pixi 

Tonic with Vitamin C

Tonic with Vitamin C 

And, in addition to this, in our conversation with the expert, she tells us that it is essential to make good use of moisturizing creams for the face: ”Keeping the skin perfectly hydrated is very important and ingredients such as moisturizers and ceramides ensure that the skin has sustained and balanced hydration. My 2 favorites are the Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream,” she clarifies. If it is so important, we should give it priority in our facial routine and if the skin is hydrated, our skin will look very glowing.

Claudia Parras on the beach.

Claudia Parras on the beach. 

But, on many occasions, it is not so easy to maintain a tan during the autumn months, although there are possibilities to recover the skin after its exposure to the summer sun : ”Covering the skin with hydration and calm is the way to guarantee that the skin is maintained, this will prevent flaking and maintain skin health. Gel textures can also contribute to the sensory/cooling effect. Pixi’s Milky Remedy Mask is ultimately refreshing and soothing, and Hydrating Milky Mist provides a weightless boost of hydration,” says Amanda Bell. In this way, we will recover our skin color and we will notice a great improvement in the luminosity of the other.

Lastly, we have asked our expert for some advice on the good face effect , now that we are back in the office with the welcome of autumn and she was clear: ”Being back in the office may mean that you need a little more skincare, quick fixes, and being intuitive about your skin’s needs will ensure it looks fresh and rested. Try using eye patches a couple of times a week and using sheet masks (which are saturated with hydrating and revitalizing serum),” she concludes.

UnderEye +C Brightener Open, by Pixi ($20.99 at Sephora)

UnderEye +C Brightener Open

UnderEye +C Brightener Open 

Without a doubt, if you don’t maintain your tan during the autumn months, it’s because you don’t want to. Now, you have the perfect tricks to for becoming an expert and hold the tan color much longer.

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