15 most cruel people in history

Start shaking dear users! It talks about evil and specifically about the 15 most evil, ruthless and evil people in the history of all mankind.

Famous and lesser known historical figures, but also serial killers. We have prepared this path for you over the centuries to discover the worst people ever. But don’t panic, they’re all long dead by now! Do you know them all? We don’t believe it!

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According to the Gospel of Matthew, King Herod the Great ordered the killing of hundreds of male children under the age of two in order to kill Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew is the only source, considering both pagan and Christian sources. this episode is narrated.

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The image of the Roman emperor from the Julius Claudia dynasty is transmitted to us by the sources as that of a great tyrant and cruel man. He was accused of starting the great fire of Rome in AD 64; however, contemporary historiography almost entirely agrees in exonerating Nero of this crime, and also pushes to revise the image of the emperor, seeing him as neither mad nor cruel as the sources have always depicted him.

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The Roman emperor who lived between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. he was one of the greatest persecutors of Christians. A supporter of paganism, he initiated a great persecution that led to the killing of many people, but also to the burning of sacred books, the destruction of Christian places of worship, the loss of privileges for some high-ranking Christians and the arrest of the clergy. Furthermore, by an edict issued in AD 304, he ordered all citizens of the Roman Empire to sacrifice victims in honor of the gods.

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Where Attila passes the grass no longer grows “: this is a very famous saying associated with the famous king of the Huns which makes us understand how feared Attila must have been in his time. He was in fact the most irreducible opponent of the Roman Empire of the East and the West. His nickname was flagellum Dei , meaning scourge of God; to him, however, in addition to his wickedness, great leadership qualities and great courage are attributed to him.

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Gilles de Rais

Living in the first half of the 15th century, the French nobleman Gilles de Rais was one of the most famous serial killers. He tortured, raped and killed almost 200 children with the help of his valet Poitou, who procured children from disadvantaged families by promising them a loaf of bread.

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Vlad III of Wallachia

Commonly known as Count Dracula, he was the one who inspired Bram Stoker to create his most famous character, which is Dracula. He sent his own children hostage to the Turkish sultan and loved torture; Count Vlad’s preferred method of torture was impalement, the method of which differed depending on what the convicts were accused of. For example, women accused of adultery were impaled outside their marital home.

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Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada

Tomas de Torquemada was the first inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition under the Catholic Monarchs. Confessor of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, he instituted very harsh trials against conversos , i.e. Jews who converted to Christianity not by their own will, but also against Muslims and women accused of witchcraft, very often causing severe tortures. During the time of Tomas de Torquemada, there were almost 20,000 trials and around 2000 executions.

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Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia)

Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, who ascended the throne of Peter as Alexander VI, is considered one of the most cruel and lustful popes in history. Having become pope through his own deception, he led a life of intrigue and dirty business: he had 4 children by the courtesan Vannozza Cattanei (Cesare, Lucrezia, Giovanni and Goffredo), one by the aristocrat Giulia Farnese plus three more by other women. . adept at manipulating his neighbor, he made his own son Cesare a cardinal and pushed Lucrezia to marry the lord of Pesaro Giovanni Sforza in order to build strategic alliances that could help him .

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Miguel de Corella, known as Micheletto, was the ruthless assassin of Cardinal Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI. The number of murders committed by Micheletto at the behest of Cesare Borgia is unknown, but it is known for certain that he killed Lucrezia Borgia’s husband, Alfonso of Aragon, as well as Vitellozzo Vitelli and Oliverotto da Fermo, who were simultaneously strangled with a rope . of violins. (Pictured is the actor playing Micheletto in the TV series The Borgias , published by Showtime)

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Henry VIII

One of England’s most famous monarchs, Henry VIII Tudor is best remembered for his questionable behavior. He had six wives, including Catherine of Aragon and Anna Boleyn. Henry VIII annulled his marriage to Catherine of Aragon for failing to produce a male heir, while Anna Boleyn had a much sadder fate: accused of witchcraft by her husband, he sentenced her to death , and the day after the execution he married the court. the noble Jane Seymour. Another victim of Henry VIII Tudor was his advisor Thomas Cromwell, whom the king kept alive long enough for Cromwell to testify in favor of annulling his marriage to Anna De Clèves. He later condemned him and later blamed his death on the English ministers.

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Jack the Ripper

Made famous mainly by the movie starring Johnny Depp, Jack the Ripper lived in England in the late 1800s. He certainly tortured and killed five prostitutes, but there are six others that Jack the Ripper is suspected of being a killer for . He struck the popular imagination both for his modus operandi in the murders and for the fact that during the period of the murders the police in London received many mysterious letters providing alleged information about the killer’s identity. His character became the subject of inspiration for numerous films and TV series. In the photo we can see a hypothesis of the physiognomic reconstruction of Jack the Ripper.

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The leader of the German Nazi movement needs no introduction: with the Holocaust, billions of people died because of it, including Jews, Pentecostals, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Gypsies, the disabled, the mentally ill, Soviet prisoners of war, etc. The number of victims of the Holocaust is so high that it is not fully quantifiable, but it is believed to be around 20 million people.

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Karl Brandt

Nazi physician Karl Brandt was Adolf Hitler’s personal attendant. He is given responsibility for the theorizing and practicing eugenics, that is, for the methods aimed at perfecting the human species leading to the Holocaust. Brandt was sentenced to death on charges of crimes against humanity.

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Leader of the USSR and the Communist Party from 1924 to 1953, Joseph Stalin was also the theorist of rising revolutionary violence. His measures resulted in the deaths of millions of people, and through the repressive method of the great purges, he killed all those who were believed to be opposed to his regime. During Stalin’s time, 60 million people died.

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Pol Pot

The Cambodian dictator Pol Pot was responsible for the death of approximately one and a half million people (including children and the elderly) killed by torture and various massacres, to which we must add hundreds of thousands of deaths killed by forced labor, malnutrition. and lack of health care. In 1997 he killed his right-hand man Son Sen.

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