British Prime Minister Liz Truss besieged by Conservative “friendly fire”

The British Conservatives tighten the fence around the British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, whose mandate seems to falter after only five weeks in office and to whom her party colleagues are already looking for a replacement.

The calamitous management of the Tory leader  since she was appointed as the new head of government on September 6 threatens – in the opinion of analysts in the United Kingdom – with turning her into one of the most fleeting prime ministers in British history.

Veteran Conservative MP Crispin Blunt was the first to publicly call for Truss’s resignation this Sunday, although it is thought that dozens of his fellow caucuses share that idea.

“I think it’s game over for her . Now it’s about (deciding) how her succession is managed,” Blunt said in advance remarks on Channel 4 television.

The internal rules of the Tory  parliamentary group grant a one-year truce until a motion of internal censure can be called against a new leader, but everything could blow up if the clamor is unanimous.

I think it’s game over for her. Now it’s about deciding how your succession is managed

“If there is a strong opinion within the parliamentary group that there should be a handover, it will take place ,” said Blunt, without offering details on what the procedure would be like.

Subsequently, two other Tory MPs  followed Blunt’s example and called on Truss to step back.

“We can’t go on like this. Our country, our people and our party deserve better ,” Andrew Bridgen told The Telegraph newspaper.

In a letter posted on Twitter, Jamie Wallis assured that “enough is enough”, and said that he has written to the prime minister to let her know that he no longer enjoys her trust.

“Sect of Death”

If she finally leaves Downing Street and is replaced by another member of her party, the Conservatives will have had five prime ministers in just six years, after David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Truss herself.

Of course, the tenants of number 10 Downing Street are a prodigy of longevity when compared to their neighbors at number 11 of the same street, the Chancellors of the Exchequer , who go through the different room in just four months.

The sympathetic press does not spare epithets for the political cannibalism of the Tory formation , which in the opinion of the Sunday Times , “looks more and more like a sect of death”.

“The transformation of the United Kingdom into a new Italy is almost complete,” says one of the headlines in the Sunday Telegraph , a true tuning fork of the Tories .

The transformation of the UK into a new Italy is almost complete

Within the conspiratorial environment in which the conservative deputies have recently moved, who already pushed for the departure of Boris Johnson last July, the meeting that party leaders will hold this Monday to address a “rescue mission” that forces the resignation of Boris Johnson stands out. Truss, as published this Sunday by The Guardian .

Between 15 and 20 former ministers and legislators have been invited to a dinner that will address how to bring down the current government.

That appointment has been organized, according to the newspaper, by allies of former Economy Minister Rishi Sunak , whose name appears in all the pools as a possible consensus candidate to get the Tories out  of the quagmire.

The option of a respected leader such as Defense Minister Ben Wallace is also being considered, although there are many who consider that the only viable possibility would be to hold out with Truss until the general elections are held.

Meeting with Hunt

While a rebellion is brewing behind her back, the Prime Minister summoned her new Minister of Economy, Jemery Hunt , to the country residence of Checkers this Sunday to prepare the new fiscal plan that he must present to the nation on October 31.

A good part of the massive tax cuts that his predecessor, Kwasi Kwarteng , had promised three weeks ago and that unleashed a financial storm and instability in the markets , will disappear from that roadmap .

Hunt himself acknowledged in an interview this Sunday with the BBC that “he does not rule out anything” in this new “mini Budget”, not even giving up the drop of one percentage point in the income tax of the lowest income announced by Truss .

The minister reiterated that he is going to take “some very difficult decisions” to control public debt and “show the world that we can answer for every penny spent.”

“Public spending is not going to increase as much as people expected and we are going to ask all departments to find ways to save. And taxes will not go down as fast as expected,” he said.

Despite this, he argued that he is working on a “compassionate conservative government” that “will do everything it can to protect the most vulnerable families.”

And in the face of the voices that say that it is he who has taken control for practical purposes of the Executive, after dismantling the economic framework with which Truss won the conservative primaries, he said that it is still Truss who “is in command.”

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