How to be romantic?

In a couple, romance is one of the fundamental keys ! But how to be romantic? You want to surprise your girlfriend and show her your love in a romantic way. Knowing how to keep a romantic side in a relationship is one of the keys that will allow you to have a happy and loving couple, and this, in the long term.

Whether through small daily gestures or great proofs of love, the power of romance in a relationship should not be overlooked. Sometimes that’s what makes the difference between a couple that lasts and a couple that breaks up after the honeymoon period.

What is it to be romantic?

First of all, you have to understand what it is to be romantic . Each person will have their own definition of romance, but generally everyone agrees that it’s a bit of a theatrical way to prove your feelings and your love. A bit like in a knightly quest, you are the knight on his white stallion who comes to save his princess in danger.

In everyday life we ​​will represent romanticism in a more intellectual way, for example by writing poems that sing of your love. Romance takes many forms , but usually being romantic will mean that you do things that go beyond everyday life to show the love you have for your partner (a fancy restaurant, a walk by the beach, etc.)
what is it to be romantic?

We can take the example of one of my personal experiences : for Valentine’s Day I developed a treasure hunt throughout Paris for my partner. By following a map of the metro and the clues that were noted on it, she passed by romantic places like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or even in front of the forecourt of Notre-Dame de Paris. I also did so on purpose to take her to the restaurant where we met for the first time or even the little bookstore where I had given her a nice encyclopedia.

After all this travel in the past of our relationship, the loop ended on the roofs of Paris where I had installed a table as well as a meal that I had cooked. And in the middle of the table was a little poem and a gift box with a ring inside. It is for me one of the best examples to explain what it is to be romantic.

To make it even simpler: the day I took him for a walk by the water’s edge and at the end of our walk there was a tablecloth on the ground as well as a picnic that I had prepared at the advance to surprise him. She was not expecting it at all and was delighted with the flowers I had chosen for her to decorate the picnic. Sometimes being romantic can be very simple.

How to be romantic for dummies?

Being romantic is showing the person you love a more sensitive and gentle part of your personality, you reveal your feelings through an act of love that will show your girlfriend how much she means to you. But how to be romantic? Here are some tips for becoming a romantic man.

1. Be extravagant

For starters, don’t be afraid to be extravagant. To be romantic is to make yourself vulnerable, some consider that being romantic is a bit silly, but for a woman, a man who knows how to be extravagant in his romantic acts is a rare pearl. There is no reason to be afraid of doing something crazy, if you want to do something out of the ordinary to prove your love then do it.

And if you think the person in front of you won’t like this proof of love, do you really want to stay with them? By being extravagant, you show what you’re going to bring to your relationship and your girlfriend will either love it, which will strengthen your bond, or she won’t and will find it ridiculous. This is a good way to know if you have affinities or that you are on the same wavelength. So don’t be afraid to be extravagant!
be romantic

2. Breakfast in bed

This is one of the techniques that is so classic but yet works so well. Nothing is more enjoyable than waking up and being brought a tray with your favorite breakfast. So prepare her a breakfast on the mornings when she seems really tired, you take care of everything, she just has to enjoy quietly in bed.

The particularly romantic touch that will make the difference: a little note slipped under the coffee and a pretty white rose placed on the side. Nothing better to make her crack. Extra point if you do it on a Sunday morning or it’s raining heavily. She will feel safe and soothed under your warm duvet.

3. Bouquets of flowers

What better way to prove your love in a romantic way when sending bouquets of flowers? Drop them on the landing of her apartment so that she falls on them on her way home from work. Or why not just send her a bouquet of roses at work? You love it and you want to show it to the whole world.

She will appreciate it all the more if you leave a little poem between the flowers. In addition, if you are attentive to what she likes, choose her favorite flowers so that she melts even more at the sight of your bouquet.

  • Flowers are a very simple way to be romantic. Since roses are often associated with romanticism, it is easy to buy one before going to see her and to offer it to her spontaneously. But all the flowers will make her happy, in the end it’s the act itself that counts more than the flower.

4. A candlelight dinner

We continue with the classics of romanticism: dinner by candlelight. Guaranteed result, there is nothing more romantic than dressing well and spending a long time alone with a meal you have cooked. We will preferably choose a meal that she likes a lot to prove that you listen to her and that you pay attention to these cravings.

And even if you can’t cook, no worries! Hire a caterer she likes and enjoy the evening. Don’t forget either that it’s not just the meal that counts: take the time to create a romantic atmosphere with decorations or even by choosing a unique and original place (like my friend with his romantic dinner on the roofs of Paris).

You can also choose a picnic during the day in a garden dotted with flowers and in the sun . What matters is that you prepare everything, that she only needs to join you and enjoy. It’s a good way to please your wife.

5. The waterfront walk

In your city look for a park or a place near water where you can go for a walk with your girlfriend. Nothing is more romantic than walking quietly hand in hand at the edge of the water, if you plan well with the sunset it is even more magical to create a moment that will remain forever etched in your memory.

Even associate this advice with that of preparing a picnic. Plan a nice day and don’t tell him where you’re going. Simply take her to your planned location and surprise her with a nice picnic followed by a romantic stroll .

The little touch that will make the difference : we will think about finding him a little gift to mark the occasion and make him even more happy. A necklace or a ring will most certainly do the trick.
How to be romantic?

6. Unannounced messages

Nothing better to break the routine and show your love than sending cute and romantic messages out of the blue. If the urge comes to you, for no other reason than to tell your girlfriend that you love her, send her a little love message. Tell him that he misses you or that you have so much to tell him the next time you see each other. Tell her how happy having her in your life makes you so happy. Declare your love to her with little messages that she will not expect and will be surprised to receive. Nothing better to give him a smile at his job or in the subway.

Even if it’s as simple as an “I love you” message, texting your girlfriend from time to time at different times is an easy and free way to be romantic. You prove to her that even in routine you think of your love, which reassures her enormously. And if you don’t know how to declare your love, here is our article on how to say I love you to your girlfriend.

But it’s not just texting, a little note written by hand on a pretty piece of paper or a message written on the mirror in your bathroom is just as romantic and will make him happy too.

7. Listen

Nothing is more romantic than a man who listens to his girlfriend . Pay attention to what’s going on in his life and listen carefully to the little things that interest him, how his job is going, how his relationships with those close to him evolve, etc… Then ask questions to prove that you are paying attention and you are listening. Try asking her questions about an aspect of her life that doesn’t affect you very much to give her the opportunity to talk and let go of her emotions.

Especially if she talks about something very important, save your answers or opinions for later. Learn to listen when needed and help when needed. She will then feel much safer and can trust you to help her or just listen when she is not feeling well.

Showing an interest in the little things going on in your girlfriend’s life is a simple and effective way to be romantic. Be sincere in your approach to show how much his happiness means to you.

8. Go on an adventure

Book plane or train tickets for a romantic place and spend the weekend with your girlfriend. Prepare everything in secret so that she is completely surprised when you say to her: “pack your bags, I’m taking you somewhere”. Prevent there all the same to block a weekend so as not to ruin your plan.

Whether it’s a hotel in a big city or a small country house on the edge of shit, find a place that you know will surprise her and make her really happy. Once there, take care of everything so that she only has to enjoy this romantic moment.

In addition to showing your romanticism, you also prove that you are a man capable of managing and organizing weekends without help. This will show him that you are responsible and above all that you want this relationship to continue on the right track.

9. Give him small gifts

Simply spoil her. Write down on your phone her favorite cake or the little things she likes in life and offer it to her from time to time. Also, be mindful of things she might like when you’re shopping. For example, she didn’t want to take this pair of shoes even though she really likes them. Return to buy them later and simply offer them. This will show that you’re paying attention to what she’s saying even if you’re not necessarily interested in it.

It is not important to spend a lot of money to spoil your partner. It’s the intention that counts, the fact that you pay attention to what she likes and that you want to please her with her little touches.

10. Be intimate

Romanticism can also pass through intimate physical acts. Like holding her hand when you walk down the street together. Or stroke her hair while you watch a movie together one night. Some women love having their hands stroked. We will also offer massages just for her to relax her and make her feel good and safe.

Be also affectionate in public : a languorous kiss or take her in your arms without telling her and hug her tightly to show her that you love her. Soft and simple physical contact is the key to being romantic with your girlfriend. It’s not all about the gift. You have to find a good balance between material love and physical love. A kiss can be worth more than a diamond ring.

What matters is that you’re not afraid to show your feelings through physical acts in public or in private. Being intimate and confident in your love is a romance that women greatly appreciate.

How to be romantic by SMS?

It is also possible to be romantic by SMS. If you’ve been separated from your girlfriend for a while, you can still show romance by sending cute and romantic messages.

  • For starters, you have to know not to overdo it. Being romantic is about finding the right balance between cute and tacky. You don’t want to bombard her with messages or send anything at all. Once a day or once every few days is enough. Moderation is better than a barrage of messages.

For example, you can send a short text message with an image that reminds you of her or simply an image to start a discussion, she will also be intrigued by this different form of communication. Give him compliments : “The dress you wore yesterday took my breath away” or “Your eyes, yesterday I lost myself in them”. It’s the little touches that show you’re paying attention to her, and it’ll also make her happy to see that you like the way she dresses .

If you know she has an important meeting or a stressful exam, consider supporting her by texting! This will give him a confidence boost. A little “I know you’ll get through this with flying colors” before an exam will make her smile and calm down, she knows you’re thinking of her even in tough times. Nothing is more romantic than a man who supports his girlfriend in difficult times.

Finally, you can also share little moments of your life with him. If you’ve been apart for a longer period of time, keeping her updated on what you’re doing and including her in your daily life is a good way to be romantic and strengthen the bond between you.
offer flowers

How to be romantic with your darling?

  • For the ladies you can also be romantic with your darling! Here are some tips and tricks to show your love to your man :

In general, men aren’t used to being complimented, so why not surprise him with little notes hidden around the house? Do you like how he’s dressed today? Show it to him by complimenting him on his clothing choice.

Be the one who prepares a surprise for her for Valentine’s Day : reverse the trend by giving her flowers and a little note declaring your love. He won’t expect it and will find the attention particularly touching.

We’ll end with something that will make your man very happy: a long kiss. Take the time to kiss him and be the one who goes to kiss him. Men are physical beings who sometimes understand better with actions than words. A powerful, loving kiss is one of the easiest ways to really let him know how you feel about him.

3 exercises to become romantic

Now we’re going to give you an exercise to try to help you be romantic if you’re having trouble being romantic.

  • Make a list of all the most extravagant things you’d like to do with your partner: a 5-star restaurant, a trip abroad to a city considered romantic, a skydive together, etc. Without filter, simply put all the ideas that come to your mind that could please your girlfriend and surprise her. Of course not everything will be feasible, financially or physically, it may be hard to convince her to skydive. But exercise will help you think about activities that can be romantic. Then filter what you can actually do.
  • Then classify your ideas into two categories: everyday surprises and extraordinary surprises. The daily surprises will be the simplest to achieve (a little note in the jacket, a massage in the evening, a poem on the pillow), you can sprinkle them once a week, for example, to show your romantic side to your partner. As for the extraordinary surprises which are much harder to put in place, we will keep them for larger events such as a birthday or Valentine’s Day for example.
  • Finally, take your time and plan all the surprises you have noted. The goal here is to sprinkle your schedule with these little romantic moments (an easy surprise to do once a week or two).

If you apply this exercise to the letter, you will not only be romantic, you will also be a perfect partner who really takes care of the happiness of his companion.

And if you have trouble finding activities to do with your wife to be even more romantic, you can also read: our 20 activities to do as a couple!

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