Adhesive tape on airplanes: why it is used to fix defects

Air travel is one of the fastest methods for many journeys. From the transport of people to goods, the air mode has become the most effective since its discovery. However, in recent years the plane has been questioned by environmental groups because of the emissions they emit.

Some people love them and wish the flight would last all day, or they just hate them and wish they didn’t take any. The plane has become over the years one of the busiest means of transport. However, even today there are hundreds of myths or measures that affect us without knowing why.

Thus, technology tries to advance as much as possible to ensure that what surrounds people evolves, improving their lives. The arrival of the internet has possibly been the most important technological advance in recent decades, capable of completely changing the way of life around the world.

However, before the arrival of this invention , another advance appeared that completely revolutionized the world and the way we communicate. The appearance of the first airplanes, moreover, was an event for people in the years that some entrepreneurs promised to start flying through the skies with winged objects.

Although there are still those who can be surprised by what it means to see a similar device fly, the plane is today one more part of the human world. People have learned to travel by air as something natural and our way of moving has changed completely since the incorporation of these to life.

There are even those who lead an airport life. Some jobs force employees to travel constantly, so the plane becomes an appendage to their days. In addition, with the transition to a global world where companies cover all possible countries, this type of trip has become very common.

Duct tape as a security method

Due to everything that surrounds airplanes, it usually causes a stir in recent times, there is an element related to the safety of these that has become viral on social networks.

It is very possible that you have ever seen a kind of adhesive tape on the fuselage of the plane you are traveling on. Although at first it may seem like a sloppy fix, it is a very safe element. Thus, this method becomes essential to fly.

For purely logistical reasons, the parts to be changed are not always available at each airport or the time required to change them is too long and would delay a large number of flights. That’s why airlines are allowed.

– J Morillas (@J_Morillas) September 7, 2019

As Twitter user @J_Morillas, an Airbus pilot, explains, this type of tape is called High Speed ​​Tape (HST). Because aircraft parts take a long time to build and damage cannot be seen, airlines can use this completely safe element.

Thanks to the fact that it resists humidity, high speeds and temperatures that can range from minus 54 degrees to 149 degrees, it is a great ally against damage. Thus, if you see this tape at any time, it is a necessary element at many times.

Being special, in addition, the price also differs a lot from the conventional one. A roll can cost up to 100 dollars . It is even used in other areas such as racing cars.

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