The video of when Zelensky celebrated New Year’s Eve with a show on Russian TV and Putin’s propagandist danced in front of him

Sometimes the story goes too fast. We are in the final stretch of the year 2022 and international news is marked by the bloody war in Ukraine after the invasion perpetrated by Russia.

But until not so long ago, things were very different. Proof of this is a video that circulates on social networks , from just nine years ago, in which some current protagonists are seen in circumstances that are very different from the current ones.

This is New Year’s Eve 2013 , a year before Putin decided to annex the strategic Crimean peninsula. On Russian public television, the new year is celebrated with a program and one of the artists who performs at the gala is… Volodimir Zelenski.

He is now world-renowned as the charismatic and resilient leader of the invaded Ukraine, but until 2018, Zelensky was a well-known actor, comedian, and showman throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union.

In the video Zelensky is seen dancing and singing, and in front of them, other personalities from the entertainment world in Russia join the party. Among them, making gestures in the purest style of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction , we find another well-known current character.

This is Vladimir Solovyov , a television presenter, who is currently considered the main propagandist of the Putin regime, who is joined by a close friendship. 

From his current television program, Solovyov transmits the directives of the Kremlin , with a very aggressive rhetoric against what he calls the Nazi regime in Kiev, directed by that comedian with whom, just nine years ago, he danced celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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