The news coming to iPhone, iPad, Mac and AppleWatch with iOS and iPadOS 16, MacOS 13 and WatchOS 9

This Monday has been a day full of news in the Apple world. To the presentation of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air powered by the new generation of M2 processors and Apple’s foray into the financing sector, all the software news that is logical to expect at a developer event are added. Apple detailed the changes that the next versions of the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and AppleWatch will bring with, respectively, iOS and iPadOS 16, MacOS 13 Ventura and WatchOS 9. We review the most important:

On iOS 16

Lock screen

An always on screen was rumored, as in Android, but in the end it has not been like that. iPhone users will enjoy a new lock screen in which, in addition to time, date and notifications, weather, fitness, music or other application widgets can be included. They will be customizable with a series of predefined styles and the user will be able to choose between different fonts for each one. Also configure several lock screens that are displayed according to the time of day or day of the week, apply filters to the images that are used as background and notifications will be less intrusive, being displayed at the bottom of the screen as a carousel, all without leaving the lock screen.

Setting up the new lock screen in iOS 16.

Configuring the new lock screen in iOS 16. 


The user will be able to edit a text that has already been sent, of which the application will conveniently inform the receiver, and delete it, in addition to being able to mark an already opened message as unread again.

voice dictation

When using voice dictation, the app will continue to display the on-screen keyboard so that the user can easily switch between typing and dictation mode.

Voice dictation allows you to use both voice and handwritten input without interruption.

Voice dictation allows you to use both voice and handwritten input without interruption. 

Live text on video

The text recognition through the camera that iOS released last year extends its functions. Live Text can be used not only on images but also on video. A function that will prove particularly useful with content such as tutorials. The system will also be able to automatically detect a person, animal or object in a photo to separate it from the background of the scene when you press and hold it.


The Apple Maps application will allow you to add stops on a route and do it on the fly by indicating it to Siri. The user will be able to add up to fifteen stops on a route.

Organizing the stops in a route that will be sent to the iPhone.

Organizing the stops in a route that will be sent to the iPhone.

iCloud Photos

The new version of the operating system introduces shared libraries in Apple’s cloud storage service. Collaborative albums can be shared with friends and family and will be synchronized, so that if a photo is edited, the image will be modified for everyone.

Health and Medication

The Health app launches a new function called Medication with the aim of keeping track of the treatments, vitamins or supplements that a user must take. It will allow the creation of lists, calendars and reminders and by simply focusing the iPhone’s camera, the application will recognize a medication and warn the user if there are possible critical drug interactions.

Safety Check

Presented as a tool against gender violence, Safety Check allows you to revoke access permissions from other users who are no longer interested in maintaining them, disconnect the iCloud account from the rest of the devices and limit messaging to the iPhone that is being used.


Apple’s email app will let you unsend an email for a few seconds after sending it, schedule emails to be sent at a certain time, and notify the user if they mention an attachment in the body of the message but haven’t added it to the email.


Apple’s driving app improves its integration with vehicle navigation systems to offer more relevant information about what happens in the car and not just what happens on the iPhone. It will adapt to the large screens that are beginning to be seen in high-end vehicles, it will be able to work in multi-screen mode when the vehicle has more than one and even completely replace the vehicle’s own interface and offer information on speed, revolutions per minute , fuel level, etc You can even have the Apple Maps navigation screen behind the wheel, to follow the route while diverting your eyes from the road as little as possible.

The new CarPlay in any car.

The new CarPlay in any car. 

On iPad OS 16


In addition to the novelties that it shares with iOS 16, the iPad operating system will allow multiple windows to be superimposed that can be resized and stacked to suit the user.

Multitasking on the iPad.

Multitasking on the iPad. 

external monitors

The iPad Pro and Air will display an image adapted to the format of the external monitor being used, eliminating the use of black bars. Unfortunately, this novelty can only be used by models that use the M1 chip.

The iPad will be able to take advantage of the space of an external monitor without resorting to black bands.

The iPad will be able to take advantage of the space of an external monitor without resorting to black bands.

App Weather

Until now, users had to get by with a widget, but with iPadOS 16, Apple’s weather app can be used on the iPad.

On MacOS 13 Adventure

Stage Manager

The successor to MacOS 12 Monterey launches a new way of working with windows that allows them to be stacked on the side of the screen, in the background and using a visual solution (they are shown in foreshortening, clearly distinguishing themselves from the rest of the elements) that is most successful .

Stage Manager in action.

Stage Manager in action. 


Improved version of the search engine that now offers more complete results and will allow you to carry out some actions from Spotlight, without having to open the application, as well as searching for text in an image stored on the computer or on the Internet.

iPhone as a webcam

With Continuity the user will be able to use his iPhone as a webcam in a videoconference and take advantage of the capabilities of his camera. For example, if the iPhone has a wide-angle lens, it can be used as a separate image source from the main camera.

Metal 3

The new version of the games API that makes them work on Apple computers comes with a new scaling solution, like the DLSS of Nvidia graphics cards or the FSR of AMD. Metal FX Upscaling will allow for higher resolutions without performance loss and better GPU utilization.


An alternative to traditional passwords, this new system uses forms of biometric identification through TouchID and FaceID that are not stored on any server.

A WatchOS 9

I train

The ninth version of Apple’s smartwatch operating system, in addition to four new watch faces, offers more detailed information about the user’s physical performance. It includes four new metrics to detect possible errors that lead to injuries by detecting posture errors.

One of the new faces included in WatchOS 9.

One of the new spheres included in WatchOS 9. 


The application will be able to detect potential cases of stroke while the user sleeps, as well as share a pdf with the record of the biometric measurements with the doctor through the AFib function.

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