The erotic “Scientology” of Katie Holmes

Two years after the divorce from Tom Cruise and away from her religious circle, the actress lets her hair down for Glamor magazine.

Katie Holmes doesn’t seem to have anything to hide. Her life, she says, has been remarkably simplified in the two years that have passed since the divorce from her first and only husband, the famous Tom Cruise, the father of her daughter Suri and a man she hasn’t even remembered to mention. In his last interview with «Glamor» magazine.

The report could well be a kind of balance of the time spent as a single mother, away from the persecution of photographers in Beverly Hills, focused on her daughter, freed from men and from the pressures of Scientology. No other male has convinced her that it’s worth it enough to go off the path she’s set for herself in recent months. “When I became a mother, my life completely changed,” confesses the 35-year-old actress. “I’ve seen ”Frozen” a lot, but the biggest change has been discovering how much love was inside me. It’s an amazing thing. Every day I discover more about this spectacular human being of whom I have had to be his mother ».

Despite this apparent encapsulation, the names around her with which she has been related in these two years have not been lacking. One of them has been Jason Segel, the comedian and actor, with whom he has spent time in recent months and who was said to be willing to move to New York to start a new life with the actress. It is curious that Segel was dating for two years with Michelle Williams, Holmes’ co-star in “Dawson’s Creek” and former lover of actor Joshua Jackson while he had a romantic relationship with Tom Cruise’s ex.

There was also talk of an alleged relationship between Holmes and the Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, a move that apparently made Cruise feel very bad despite being officially divorced. The two were in charge of denying that there was something more than a simple friendship. All that fuss does not seem to affect the actress in the least. When asked if she is in a new relationship, she answers confidently. “Right now I’m very focused on motherhood and working,” although she admits that she is a romantic. “I am. It’s probably a combination of experiences in my life and the way my parents raised me.”

Her last great romance was with a man who ended up disappointing her and with whom she ended bitterly. It is the same story that women like Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman lived before, women in love with the many charms of an actor like Cruise, but struck by their strange beliefs, always with the Church of Scientology behind them that has done so much damage, apparently. in their personal relationships.

In the case of the protagonist of “Top Gun”, the script has been similar to that of his ex-wife, throwing balls out every time he is asked about his love life. Like Holmes, Cruise says he has been focused on his films and oblivious to what the gossip press publishes. He didn’t even know about his colleague George Clooney’s engagement, a surprise he received with a smile when asked. “Congratulations. That’s how it’s done, friend », he pointed out about it. Presumably he will not have been aware of the many rumors about his sentimental life, which have been in the last two years after his notorious divorce. The last to come out was one of the protagonists of “Orange is the New Black”, Laura Prepon, who considered it a delusion that they link her to the 52-year-old actor because she belongs to Scientology.


“It’s certainly unbelievable that people make things up like that,” said the actress, who plays a lesbian on the 12-time Emmy-nominated series. It is a rumor along the same lines as other names that have been shuffled around the figure of Cruise for belonging to that cult founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

According to several sources in Hollywood, her being one of the greatest exponents of her would have led the leadership of the movement to look for a partner who fit her beliefs, after the problems she has had with women outside that particular religion. She sounded the Latin actress Yolanda Pecoraro as the ideal candidate, although she remained a simple rumor. Fortunately for Holmes, his life is already taking other paths.

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