How to study math: 6-step formula

Are you struggling with math? Do you realize that from a certain topic onwards the commitment has increased considerably? Have you long since lost hope for this matter?

Mathematics, as we know, is the beast of many boys. But don’t despair, you are in the right place. We at Tutornow have helped hundreds of children and families in these situations and we bring you in this article our tips to be put into practice immediately to try to change this situation!

In particular, in this article we will tell you:

  • The reason why the fatigue of studying math increases (and the motivation decreases)
  • Our 6-step formula for studying math and improving your average

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How to study mathematics: the reason why the effort of studying grows!


Mathematics is not a subject like any other. You cannot memorize the life of a writer or a historical event like a poem, but it must be understood and accompanied by a little practice to make it your own!

Mathematics is a path where rules and concepts are repeated and used to explain increasingly complex topics.For example, the basic rules of addition and multiplication that you learn in elementary school are the same ones that engineers use to solve the equations for their projects! 

What does all this mean? That a small hiccup, a topic that is not entirely clear or not sufficiently deepened, can become an obstacle that increases the effort in the study of subsequent topics.

So watch out for the gaps in past arguments, they are the worst enemy to fight! 

If deep, or on multiple topics, they can lead to a loss of interest in mathematics itself! 

So if you feel like you’ve limped on some topics, or if you’ve already lost your passion for math, read our formula below! 

Applied with care, it will certainly simplify your life in the studio! 

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How to study mathematics: the 6-step formula


Step 1: Understand the theory. 

As we said before, mathematics cannot be studied by heart, but it must be understood. Unfortunately, we have found that mathematics texts are not always easy to follow, so if you find yourself reading the theory several times without feeling it as yours, we recommend a study group to increase motivation and speed up learning, especially if there are a few days left. to check! 

Before proceeding, we confess one thing. One of the most common questions that kids ask us is “but what is math for?”. If it happened to you too, browse this article where we tried to find “10 reasons to learn math”

Step 2: Make an outline of the theory.

Precisely because it is complex, the theory must be immediately summarized in customized schemes ready to be used if necessary. 

How to do them? Summarize the theorems in a bulleted list and then enrich them with examples of exercises for each of the rules and with comments explaining the logical steps in a familiar way. 

Can using ready-made screenshots be a shortcut? Yes, but only if written in a language that is clear to you and integrated with your comments! 

Synthesizing information, as well as trying to tell it to someone, are excellent exercises to train the mind to reason and clarify the concepts you have just learned! 

Step 3: Test yourself with the first few exercises.

Once you have created your theory scheme, try to tackle the first exercises! 

Start with a simple case, the so-called “exercises explained”, to become familiar with the application of the rules. When everything is clear, gradually increase the difficulty of the exercises with your schemino at hand, focusing on the more complex passages.

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Step 4: Understand the mistakes.

Are there any exercises you don’t like? It’s normal, it’s part of the learning process. Even math geniuses sometimes don’t solve some exercises! The secret? Do not throw in the towel at the first difficulty … and not even at the second! 

Going over the exercises and understanding your mistakes is essential in order not to repeat them and find motivation to continue with the study!

Step 5: Ask for help.

Are you stuck on an exercise? Is there a particular rule that you are unable to apply? Don’t waste hours and hours on exercises that don’t come to you. Ask for help from the teacher (the next day at the end of the lesson), from classmates or from a trusted friend who is good at math! It may seem trivial, but outside help is often the fastest way! 

We at Tutornow have found that studying math with an external tutor  can save up to 50% of your time compared to doing it alone! 

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Step 6: Entering the climate check.

A couple of days before the test, try taking a 30-minute mini-test with a number of challenging exercises as if you were going through the test in the classroom! It will help you understand your level of preparation and be more relaxed when the time comes!

I recommend, train yourself on the exercises with more complex logical steps: the teacher usually always chooses those! Are there any exercises that don’t add up to you yet? Go back to points 4 and 5! 

Last tip? Make a folder with all the sketches made, it will be a precious help for the future too! 

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