Benefits and advantages of having a private teacher at home

Studying is certainly an activity that not always everyone likes or rather it is not always possible to have an optimal method to do it and consequently what could be faced with greater serenity becomes an insurmountable obstacle. The grades, the judgments, the fear of being continually under opinion, can determine in each of us a stress that prevents us from doing our best and therefore, in many cases, makes us sick of the school, the teachers and everything else. it is related to the study in general.

Yet when we are small we learn without too many problems, we are well disposed towards language, towards small and large actions that make up everyday life, towards our “teachers”, whether they are represented by our parents or neighbors. From 0 to 6 we do nothing but learn and even when it doesn’t seem like it, we are actually “studying” something, first passively and then actively.

We listen to a word and repeat it, put one foot after the other and walk, we learn to go to the bathroom alone and to tie our shoes, we watch TV and recognize faces, voices, songs. And the amazing thing is that we do all this without “boredom”, fear or listlessness. The learning process in a child is natural precisely because it is supported by close reference figures, known, safe. This is why it becomes important to recreate that kind of red thread, to give us the opportunity to return to love studying, to consider it an integral and inevitable part of ourselves. And “when grown up” what better figure than the private home teacher can be a valid help in returning a little “children”?

Advantages of having a private tutor at home: a little history

That education has an “individual” character is demonstrated by the same history and evolution that the school has undergone from its birth to today. Parents, private teachers, pedagogues, these were formerly the figures to whom the training of future generations was destined. At one time, when the school was not yet widespread, the only children of noble families who were entrusted to private “teachers” of various subjects were entitled to education. In Ancient Rome, the education of children was entrusted to the parents, while the teachings of good feelings were reserved to the mother, the father had to teach reading, writing, the laws of the State.

Subsequently, the figure of the Pedagogue was established to accompany the children in their educational path up to the age of 6, a period in which school proper began for all children (it lasted 8 months for a total of 6 hours of lessons a day. ) Until the Middle Ages, therefore, every child could count on a face-to-face education and then make room for the first known scholastic forms. In the Middle Ages the school was mostly ecclesiastical while it was necessary to wait for the Enlightenment for the first secular and public schools run by the state. From this moment on, the school begins to have a form closer to the one we know today until it reaches the Republican era when public, free and compulsory education is established.

The evolution of schools in Italy, over the centuries, has certainly reduced illiteracy and given the possibility to those who could not afford it, to study, train and guarantee a future. But if you try to ask your grandparents if they remember their school years with pleasure, they will probably say no. The school at the time was in fact to be considered a simple training “agency” where severity, form and austerity reigned. When you were not studying or you were wrong, there was a leather belt or a wand and therefore it was better to be good and learn everything possible to avoid punishments that were not too welcome.

Fear huh? Could it be for this reason that private repetitions were born?

We will never know if they were born for this, but certainly the private lessons have marked a little history in the world of education, rehabilitating that figure of the individual teacher we spoke about before.

But what are the real advantages of relying on a private home teacher? Let’s see them together

Apply for a home tutor? Yes thanks!

Having a personal tutor who can follow us step by step in all our difficulties, doubts, worries can be the right move if you have some problems at school or some not too satisfying grades. Recovering from difficult situations is not impossible!

The advantages of having a private teacher:

  1. Vis-a-vis teaching

Obviously, even among the school desks, teaching takes place in this way, that is, in a relationship between teacher and pupil, face to face. The difference with having a private teacher lies in the fact that in the classroom the teacher is “for everyone”, at home instead he is “for you”. In individual private lessons there are no classes to manage, no show of hands to respect and different learning times: it’s just you and your teacher.

      2. Greater control over progress

Having a private teacher gives you more control over the student’s progress. The teacher follows you, helps you, supports you and by comparing with you individually and frequently, he can understand your weaknesses and growth points much better than a school teacher.

     3. Homework I’m not afraid of you!

Thanks to private tutoring, homework will no longer be a problem. In fact, the private teacher can act as a valid support for the resolution of the tasks assigned at school. Instead of waiting for the correction in the classroom, isn’t it better to do it earlier and arrive at school already aware of having won?

    4. Study with the method that suits you best!

Who knows us better than those who live there every day? Nobody! For this reason, the private tutor should not be considered exclusively someone who helps us in the study, but rather a person who is close to us, who understands us, one of the family to put it briefly!

Over time and trusting our tutor with loyalty, we will establish a deep contact of knowledge that will lead the teacher to understand which study method is most suitable for us. This would be impossible at school and not because the teachers are bad, but simply because we are not the only ones!

    5. Best grades in a short time

Private lessons at home, if not taken as “occasional” medicine, can rapidly advance your school average. Create a relationship of trust with your tutor and don’t be afraid to show him your shortcomings and weaknesses. Only in this way will you be able to deal with any problems and be able to overcome them. Starting from self-awareness it will be easier to implement a successful action plan, seeing is believing!

If school makes you uncomfortable and you just can’t recover from that math 4, don’t get discouraged! provides you with the best Italian private teachers. Just do a little check on the search engine of the site and find the right teacher for you among the 30,000 available and remember that just 8 hours of lessons are enough to improve your grades, can you perhaps miss this opportunity?

You can book the lessons directly online and choose whether to do them at your home, at the tutor’s or even through Skype. The choice is yours now, but if something goes wrong in June, don’t say we didn’t help you.

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