Kanye West understands the red social Talk

The artist now known as Ye has reached an agreement in principle with Parlement Technologies, owner of the social network, after the blocking of his accounts on Instagram and Twitter

Parlement Technologies, the company behind the Parler social network, has announced that it has reached an agreement in principle with Ye , the artist formerly known as Kanye West , whereby he will acquire the platform for an undisclosed fee . The move comes just days after West was banned from Twitter and Instagram for making comments that both services said violated his usage policies and that media outlets called anti-Semitic. In this way, West joins the club of celebrities who buy a social network along with former United States President Donald Trump (Social Truth) and Elon Musk (Twitter).

“Parlement Technologies announced today that it has entered into an agreement in principle to sell Parler, the world’s pioneering unstoppable freedom of expression platform , to Ye (formerly known as Kanye West),” the company notes in a press release, “ Ye has become the richest black man in history through music and fashion and is taking a bold stance against his recent censorship of Big Tech , using his wide-ranging talents to further lead the fight to create a truly incancellable setting .”

On October 7, Kanye West published on Instagram a fragment of a messaging conversation with fellow musician Sean “Diddy” Combs that Meta considered violated its rules of use, for which it restricted the artist’s account . Combs told West that “The black sent me an address. Let’s stop playing these internet games. And don’t feel threatened. You’ll be fine. Only love”, to which the latter replied “This is not a game. I will use you as an example to show the Jews who told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me . I told you this was war. Now go find some business.” The post was deleted by Instagram and the artist has seen his access to the account restricted ever since.

This caused West to resume his activity on Twitter, a platform on which he had not published in two years. After being welcomed by Elon Musk, Ye reproached Mark Zuckerberg for canceling him on Instagram . Next to a photo of the two of them singing at a party, she wrote ” You used to be my black “, in the sense of colleague.

In a subsequent tweet, Ye wrote that he would go ” Death Con 3 ” with the Jewish people, a rather untranslatable expression but one that could be a reference to Defcon, the term the United States uses for different degrees of military alertness, according to the Washington Post. In the same publication he pointed out that “the funny thing is that I can’t really be an anti-Semite because blacks are also Jews . You guys have toyed with me and tried to fool anyone who opposes your agenda.” In any case, the tweet was deleted by Twitter and the artist has also seen his account blocked on this social network under similar accusations of anti-Semitism to those generated by his last publication on Instagram .

George Farmer, CEO of Parlement Technologies, has assured that “This agreement will change the world and will change the way the world thinks about freedom of expression . Ye is making a groundbreaking move in the free speech media space and will never again have to fear being removed from social media. Once again, Ye proves that he is one step ahead of the legacy media narrative . Parliament will be honored to help you achieve your goals.”

Kanye West, for his part, assures in the press release reporting the negotiations for the purchase of Parler that ” In a world where conservative opinions are considered controversial, we must ensure that we have the right to express ourselves freely .”

Under the terms of the agreement in principle, the parties expect to reach a final agreement before the end of the year . This will also include technical support from Parlement and the use of the company’s data center infrastructure and private cloud services .

Parler is a social network with a format similar to Twitter that was launched in 2018 as a space in which conservative voices or others that conflict with the official narrative on the issues that divide society can express themselves without the risk of being canceled. . It is a minority network with an approximate number of 16 million users , according to Statista, far from the 400 of Twitter or the 2,000 million of Instagram.

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