How to see the Facebook profile of a person who blocked you

How to see the Facebook profile of a person who blocked you? Facebook is a useful platform to interact and meet new people, nowadays it has more than 50% of the total population as users. If you are one of the active users of this platform, you probably know how easy it is to block someone.

Whether you no longer want to communicate with them, see their posts, or just don’t want them on your friends list, you can choose to block them right away.

But what if someone blocks you? For example, what if someone in your family blocks you and you’re curious to see what they’re posting on their Facebook account? Well, we understand the curiosity to see the Facebook profile of a family member, if they have blocked it.

How to see someone’s Facebook profile if they have blocked you

In this article, we will talk about the best ways to view the Facebook profile of a person who blocked you. But before that, let’s see why people block each other. So what could be the reasons why someone has blocked you?

Fight or argument

This is one of the most common causes why people block each other on Facebook. We all do this, if we have a fight with someone, we just block them. This usually happens out of anger.

We do not want specific people to visit our Facebook profile

There are several reasons why we use Facebook and we don’t want a family member or friend to know about it. This could be for personal reasons or security reasons. So, we block them.

Don’t let someone see your post

The current generation has the habit of posting all the activities they do during the day. But we can’t show everything to everyone. So, to be a bit private, we tend to block our family or friends.

Can I see someone’s Facebook profile if they have blocked me?

These are the possible reasons why someone can or has blocked you. Now we will tell you about the ways you can use to view the Facebook profile of the person who blocked you.

If you have the URL or username of the user’s Facebook account

Some time ago people used to memorize or write down numbers in agendas to later contact them. However, nowadays we rely on our smartphones and we don’t need to memorize contact numbers to communicate.

Nowadays, you won’t see anyone trying to remember a contact number, it would be strange to ask if someone has memorized the profile URL or the username of the user’s Facebook profile, right?

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to write down or memorize the URL of your friends, although it would be very useful if you remember it, because you will need the information to use this method. This is why:

Step 1 – If you find the username or URL of the Facebook account that has blocked you, copy it (ctrl + c). 

Step 2: Sign out of your account and make sure no other accounts are signed in to your browser. If you have other accounts signed in, be sure to close them.

Step 3 – Activate the incognito mode in your browser, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select New incognito window.

Step 4: Open the Google home page in incognito mode.

Step 5 – In the search bar, paste the URL of the profile that you have copied and hit the enter button.

Note: You can also search for the profile username instead of the profile URL.

Step 6 – If the URL was correct and you followed the steps correctly, the user’s profile will open in the search results.

Step 7 – Click on your profile URL and the browser will redirect you to your profile where you can see your profile picture along with posts and cover photo.

However, this process does not always work. So don’t worry and don’t lose hope as there are still alternative ways to view someone’s profile if they blocked you.

View profile from tagged posts

If someone has blocked you and you’re trying to view that person’s Facebook profile, we assume you’ve had a good relationship with them in the past. In that case, both of you might have friends in common, right?

So if you have pictures of them tagging you both, that might help get to your profile. If you’re wondering how to do that, just copy the URL of the mutual friend’s profile. Once you have copied, repeat the steps from the last method in incognito mode.

Once your profile opens, find the person you are looking for who has been tagged. Use the link to open your profile. If the method works, then you can view his profile.

Ask a mutual friend to let you see the blocked Facebook profile

In case a relative or acquaintance has blocked you, you can ask a mutual friend to show you the profile of the target person. In case you do not personally know that mutual friend. You don’t lose anything trying to get in touch with him or her and tell them why you need to see the profile of your family member or friend.

Contact the person and ask them to unblock you

If you have the phone number or some other social network with which you can contact the person who has blocked you, you can make an agreement and ask them to unblock you. By doing this you will be able to see their profile again.

This method will work for you if the target person is willing to do it. In case the person who has blocked the profile of a relative or friend is you, you can unblock them and see the Facebook profile without problems. If you want to block this person again you will have to wait 48 hours to do so.

Create an alternative Facebook account

When you’ve already tried everything, this may be the best solution. You simply need to create a new Facebook account and send a friend request to the target person from that account. Make sure your new account has a different name, or else the person who blocked you won’t let you into their friend list.

Final thoughts

Although you can’t sign in from the account you’ve been locked out of, you can sign in through an alternate account you have, or using a friend’s account who’s willing to lend it to you.

The wall can also be accessed, as I said before, through a Google search engine. For this we must know exactly the name of the user who has blocked you.

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