From school to home: How do I help my child with homework?

 Given the reality that we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have changed in a matter of days. What we knew as our daily life routines have taken a backseat. Now for our safety and the safety of others we remain at home. However, this does not mean that everything stops. Both we and our child have to continue with our homework. Already at home with the children, while school continues virtually, we ask ourselves, what do we do now? Here are several things to consider when working with your child at home.

1. Study environment

The first thing we must take into account is that our child’s brain is conditioned to a work environment at school and not at home. However, at home we can adapt a workspace according to your needs. We do not need a large space, with a work table and necessary materials such as pencils, erasers, notebooks, crayons and a computer or tablet is enough. The important thing is that this space be associated as a place of study.

2. Routine

We must know that our child works at school based on a routine. This should be no different at home. Not because we are at home should we lose sight of our daily responsibilities with the material sent by the teachers online. You can use this schedule and adapt it to the needs of your child. Routines help us stay organized and complete our tasks on time.

3. Use of activities

In addition to using the material sent by the school, we can use fun activities to explain concepts or clarify doubts. Among these we can find:

  • story reading
  • Puzzle                 
  • Resolution of word problems
  • Use of concept maps
  • Create melodies to learn concepts
  • use of crafts
  • Use of board games
  • Body movement activities (dance, pantomime, role play, acting)
  • Show videos, movies or documentaries.

 4. Time management technique

It is a reality that we cannot expect our child to work at home for long periods of time. This is why we need to manage time correctly to take advantage of every minute we work. One of the most recommended techniques is the Pomodoro technique, you can learn about it by reading our blog The Pomodoro Method and its Use to Increase Productivity.

You can also make use of a checklist or checklists , so that your child knows what will be worked on during the day and what tasks to complete.

As motivation we can use rewards every time the child completes a task. Among these we can make use of stickers, free periods of five minutes, play with your pet, favorite snack or listen to your favorite song.  

5. Maintain emotional health

Being all at home is an element that can lead to having more time to share all together and enjoy with the family. However, it can become a stressful and busy time. It is extremely important to monitor our emotional health. When we need our space it is important to identify it. To release a bit of anxiety and stress that we may have, there are several alternatives. Among them we can find:

  • Five minute meditation and relaxation exercises. (You can use apps like Calm and Headspace .)
  • Yoga
  • 7 minute workouts
  • Call a friend or relative
  • watch a funny video
  • Breathing exercises
  • have a cup of tea
  • play with your pet

Remember that if you need help from a professional, the PAS Line is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Remember that we have no control over situations like these, but it is up to us to manage them. Maintaining serenity and being a strong piece for our children is essential. Let’s explain to them that what we are going through is because they understand much more than we think. Let’s be wise and take precautionary measures so as not to expose ourselves or others. Let’s read and share information from official media and follow the instructions established by prevention.

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