Eleven gadgets to cook more and better from 10 dollars to 129

Technology and ideas to make the time you spend in the kitchen more efficient and even more economical

Gadgets for the kitchen offer numerous solutions to tasks that are otherwise more heavy or laborious and also bring other ways of cooking beyond the traditional ones. We review eleven gadgets that will help make your experience, both when preparing food and cooking it, preserving it or when cleaning, better, more efficient and economical .

Food sniffer

Food sniffer.

Food sniffer. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Food sniffer.

Many times food is thrown away when in doubt as to whether it is stale or it may be the case that it is consumed when it is no longer recommended. This device of Swiss origin detects the gases emitted by meat and fish to determine their status. Bringing it closer to the food, the device transmits the results to the manufacturer’s app indicating whether it is fresh, starting to spoil or already fresh. This “electronic nose” has a range of 12 hours and can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website for 129.99 dollars .

Meater+ Smart Wireless Thermometer

Meater+ smart wireless thermometer.

Meater+ smart wireless thermometer. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

You can cook meat or fish to its exact point without even being in the kitchen with the help of this wireless thermometer from the Meater brand. It has a probe with two temperature sensors to measure both the inside of the meat, up to a maximum of 100 degrees, and the outside, up to a maximum of 275 degrees, one located at each end. The thermometer connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the Meater app installed on a mobile, tablet or computer. Its guided cooking system informs of the appropriate temperatures for the type of food that is cooked according to whether you want it well or lightly done, between five levels. Once the desired point is reached, an alarm warns that it is time to remove the food from the oven or grill. Available on Amazon for 109 $ .

Yvento beer cooler

Yvento beer cooler.

Yvento beer cooler. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

To keep a cold beer no matter how long it takes to drink it, Yvento has this original beer bottle cooler. The bar contains a gel that, once frozen, is kept at a low temperature for hours, preventing the drink from heating up over time. Although it may seem so at first glance, the thermometer does not serve as a stopper for the bottle since the content can be served without removing it. The set includes two coolers and a practical bottle opener for 18.95 $ on Amazon.

Cuchillo That Spread II

Cuchillo That Spread II.

Knife That Spread II. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

This That brand knife has a particularity that makes it special and that is the ease with which it cuts butter. It is made of an alloy of copper, titanium and silicone so that when holding it, it transmits the temperature of the hand to the butter, allowing it to be cut much more easily. It can also be used with ice and can be purchased for 33.90 $ on Amazon.

Vaporera Cook Home de Russell Hobbs

Vaporera Cook@Home de Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs Cook Home Steamer. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

One way to save time and use less energy when cooking is to make several dishes in one go. This is facilitated by this steam cooking appliance that has three containers that are stacked on the base, which allows you to prepare several dishes simultaneously with the consequent savings in time and energy consumption. In addition, steam cooking is the one that best maintains the nutrients and vitamins of the rice, fish or vegetables that you cook with Cook@Home. Its total capacity, adding the three containers, is 9 liters, it has a timer of up to 60 minutes and two side inlets to introduce water while cooking. It can be purchased on Amazon for 52.99 $ .

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

The Angry Mom or Evil Mother-in-law, as also described on the product page, is a microwave cleaner that consists of a figure with the aforementioned appearance. This is filled with a specific solution for cleaning a microwave or, simply, water and vinegar and the microwave is turned on at high power for seven minutes. At two the Angry Mom will begin to expel the resulting steam through its openings and to clean and disinfect the microwave. It can be purchased for 10.99 $ on Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Oil Free Fryer

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air fryer without oil.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air fryer without oil. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

Oil-free fryers, which do not fry but cook with hot air, have the advantage of doing so in a very healthy way and reducing calorie intake compared to the same dish prepared in a frying pan. Xiaomi’s has a capacity of three and a half liters, 8 cooking programs plus those that the user wants to configure and heats between 40 and 200 degrees. It can be controlled by voice using the Google or Amazon assistant, Alexa, and also comfortably from the smartphone with the Xiaomi Home application from which you can turn it on, turn it off, change modes and add time reminders. Available on Amazon for 78.99 $ .

Alioo Vegetable Grater

Alioo vegetable grater.

Alioo vegetable grater. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

Tired of fighting with your kids to get them to eat vegetables? Fool them with this vegetable grater that cuts vegetables into the shape of spaghetti. It allows you to cut them with four different shapes and costs 11.99 $ on Amazon.

Programmable pressure cooker with voice GM Model H by Cecotec

Programmable pressure cooker with voice GM Model H from Cecotec.

Programmable pressure cooker with voice GM Model H from Cecotec. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

This multifunction food processor with 19 ways to cook can be left ready and programmed to start cooking at your convenience automatically. With its GMCore intelligent cooking system you can pressure cook with five levels, steam, turbo, stew, bake, slow cook, poach, confit, ferment, grill, fry, fry and also have a specific menu to prepare bread, desserts, rice and pasta. It has an eco mode with which it saves 50% energy, a hinged lid, a six-liter capacity, an LED screen and a system that guides the user by voice in six languages, including Spanish. You have it on Amazon for 108.6 $ .

Bonsenkitchen 4-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

Bonsenkitchen 4-in-1 vacuum sealer.

Bonsenkitchen 4-in-1 vacuum sealer. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

For sous vide or vacuum cooking, you need a sealer like this model from Bonsenkitchen. Recommended for both home and professional use, it has four sealing functions (normal, vacuum, dry and wet) and can seal multiple bags at once. It can also be used to package food so that it lasts longer and can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99 .

Tenta Kitchen Scissors

Tenta Kitchen Scissors.

Tenta Kitchen Scissors. PHOTO (Custom Credit) Courtesy of Amazon.

Equipped with five blades, these 19.5-centimeter scissors from Tenta Kitchen allow you to prepare any dressing directly on a plate or in a pan in no time. It comes with a peeler with three stainless steel blades and a tool to easily clean the scissors. It is on Amazon for 11.49 $ .

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